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Fluid Intelligence April 28, 2022
CBD (Mild Dose) January 29, 2022
Awaken Astral Senses January 17, 2022
The Guru Field December 18, 2021
Fat Loss & Body Repair November 27, 2021
Christ Consciousness November 9, 2021

Vibrate with the FREQUENCY of Money

This file compounds the in-flow of wealth into your life. The more you listen, the more it compounds. In-order for this file to work it's magic, you need to consciously create pathways for abundance to flow. This means creating multiple…

Remove All Negative Energies

Remove all negative entities, black magick, attachments, subconscious programming, and thought-forms. This file purges all negative energies and entities from yourself and your environment, including black magick. You can listen using headphones or play it aloud in your house or…

Turn Bad Times Into Good Times

The primary causes of our life's moments of happiness and miseries, are the planetary positions, at birth, and their movements in the sky, throughout the duration of our human lives. Each of the planets, based on their positions and attributes…