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Spiritual Techniques

Ultimate Shielding Protocol 21 Layers

We receive a lot of emails from people who believe that they are under the influence of some sort of black magic. 

In most instances, about 80 – 90% of the time, they are not. They may be influenced by the evil eye, their own planetary influences, their environment, or are simply looking for a reason to explain the happenings in their lives. 

How do we know this? When black magic is present, you’ll easily be able to see the presence of dark energy around them. Black magic leaves energy signatures that are easily seen. This is because this is an unnatural influence. 

This protocol, is for the 10 – 15% of people who are genuinely under the influence of some serious black magic, including entities affecting them. This would be the kind of ‘effect’ that is beyond the scope of the regular 21 or 108 layer shield protocol. 

This is the super heavy duty energy protocol, the power of which is on par with the ‘When Nothing Else Works’ protocol. 

This energy field is capable of blocking out the devil himself. 

We highly recommend that you first utilise the ‘When Nothing Else Protocol, asking the energy to perform a in-depth clearing of your physical and all energy bodies of everything unnatural, including all attachments, portals, entities and non-entity attachments. 

Note. You do not need to do this daily. Do it the first time, then you can simply shield using this file each day afterwards. 

Then, you play this protocol through speakers, standing upright in front of the speaker. As the file plays, spin slowly on the spot, turning clockwise. Your aim is to do a full 360 degree rotation on the spot. Do this 3, 5 or 7 times. 

What you’re doing here is allowing the energy to be exposed to all of your sides. The energy field then establishes a web like structure around you, that will prevent any evil energies from entering. 

This shielding is not just for black magic or evil. If you want to utilise a heavy duty shielding protocol, you can use this as well. 

If you are highly sensitive to the energies around you, I highly recommend you use this protocol. 

What is the difference between this protocol and our other 21 / 108 layer shielding protocol? This one is probably 100 times more powerful in blocking out the more heavy duty energies than the other one. 

You can still use other files, including morphic fields and subliminals. They will still have their affect on you. However, it will block out anything that is evil or has evil intent. It’s probably a good idea to use this before you use any other types of files to block out anything you are unsure about. 

We do have an advanced protocol available, which creates 108 layers of this powerful shield around you. This is for those that need extreme levels of protection. 

On a personal note, being in this spiritual space, online, exposed to thousands of people daily, I require heavy duty shielding. There are people that hurl a lot of hate, abuse, and even a few that have done rituals to bring harm. This is the energy that blocks it all out, and now we’re sharing it with you. 

Play only through speakers. This is an energy field and not a subliminal or morphic field. 

You do not need to play it more than once a day. I’d highly recommend using this in the morning before leaving home. If you’re concerned about protection in your dreams, then you can play it at night. 

Please follow the instructions of use outlined above. 

That is all. 

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