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Spiritual Techniques

Buddhist Vibration For Difficult Times | Energy Field

This is the first protocol from our buddhism series, over a year in the making. 

This vibration is from the Shakyamunni Tradition. 

It’s not a specific mantra or chant. 

Instead, it is the focused prayer energy of just over 100 monks. The energy is of the monks praying to the Shakyamunni Buddha, to help the person feeling this energy field, overcome difficult times. 

A special thanks to the monks for doing this for us over a few nights, in-order for us to study and map the energy signature of the vibratory output. 

This vibration can be used anytime you feel down or feel like you need to overcome a mountain to survive or exist. This energy will help you get through it. 

I am told that you can meditate with the energy and ask the Shakyamunni Buddha for help and guidance. You do not need to be buddhist to ask for help. This awareness will come from within yourself, not from outside of you. 

We are offering an advanced version, which is around 400% more potent than the Youtube version and the intelligence at its highest. We’ve maximised this energy as much as possible. The potency of the energy field is said to help you access the reservoir of awareness within you. This would be the closest thing to ‘the buddha self’. 

We’re looking forward to hearing about your experiences with this energy field. 

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