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Healing Frequencies

Clear & Cleanse L1 Pain Body

The term “pain body” was coined by spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle in his book “The Power of Now.” It refers to a concept related to emotional pain and suffering experienced by individuals. According to Tolle, the pain body is a psychological entity that consists of accumulated emotional pain from past experiences.

In the yogic sense, however, there is an actual pain body that is beyond the psychological entity posed by Tolle. Further, this actual body has multiple layers to it. 

At physical birth, what we would refer to as the the second layer carries with it memories of past life pain and suffering. Ever find yourself being triggered without reason or cause? This is the reason why. 

The third layer is the most subtle layer. This carries all of the pain and suffering that occurs at the energy interaction level. This layer is beyond your consciousness and awareness. 

The layer Tolle is speaking of, is considered the first layer in this birth. It is the closest to the physical body. 

This pain body can be thought of as a reservoir of negative emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, resentment, and other forms of psychological suffering. These emotions can become trapped within an individual’s energy body and influence their thoughts, behaviours, and interactions with others. Eventually, it can cause tremendous health problems. 

When triggered, the pain body becomes activated and seeks to perpetuate itself by feeding on negative experiences. It craves situations or relationships that generate more pain, as this provides a temporary sense of identity and purpose for the pain body. This can lead to a cycle of emotional reactivity, where individuals repeatedly find themselves entangled in conflicts or negative situations.

It is usually the energy of the pain body that becomes attractive to the lower vibrational entities that lead to attachments, etc. 

Tolle suggests that becoming aware of the pain body is an essential step in transcending it. By observing it without judgment or resistance, individuals can dis-identify from their pain and create a space of presence and acceptance. This allows them to break free from the grip of the pain body and experience greater inner peace and freedom.

In short, greater conscious awareness of self triggers. The more you become aware, the greater control you have on yourself and your vibration. 

The good news is that we can energetically clear the various layers of the pain body. 

Before I explain the protocols, I want to warn users that this is not an energy field to overuse or misuse. Whenever we engage in a clearing, the energy that is released surfaces and is always felt. The body conducts a purge. You must allow the release to happen. 

The Youtube version is a singular energy field that connects with and clears layer one of your pain body. It will work with your body intelligence to purge layer one. 

Please play this protocol through speakers only, exposing your entire body to the energy field. Please also only play this protocol once per day, for 3 – 7 days. Then, take a break, and if needed repeat the process in a couple of weeks. 

If you are aware of past experiences that continues to hinder your life, then you can consciously work with the energy field to release and nullify the effects of this energy. Otherwise, meditate with the protocol playing. 

Please also ensure that you increase consumption of fresh water  on these days, as well as, allow the body to rest when needed. 

The advanced protocol combines three fields of energy that work independently to perform a purge of all three layers of your pain body. We highly recommend that you work with this protocol for 3 days, every month. 

The consciousness of the advanced protocol is at maximum levels, and so, we highly recommend that you actively work with the energy to release and heal the deepest of traumas that still actively cause pain in your life and continue to influence your present life. 

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