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Spiritual Techniques

The ‘I Am’ Meditation

The ‘I am’ meditation, transcends all earthly religion(s). 

It is the awareness of presence, that pervades all existence. 

This file is built for those that truly desire to achieve self realisation in this lifetime. 

This is not a file that you passively play in the background. It must be meditated upon, with a strong desire for discovering one’s self. 

The instructions of use are simple. 

Play this file, using headphones, or through speakers, preferably early in the morning or at night, sitting in quiet contemplation of the ‘I am’.

You do not need to seek an answer. Simply, think of the words ‘I am’. 

The answer – a feeling of awareness – will find you.

The I am Meditation, works in a similar manner to a black hole. Just as a black hole draws in all matter around it with an unrivalled force, so too does the ‘I am’ force, pull one’s outward consciousness, inward to self awareness. 

This file uses our subtle delivery system (Youtube Version Only), so you may play this file as many times as you like, with some common sense applied, of course. A reasonable amount is the duration for which you’re meditating. 

The advanced version tremendously increases the potency of awareness and power. It is built for the more astute spiritual seeker. 

Since this is a spiritually focused website, and our aim is to help as many of you ascend to the realisation of your highest vibration, we’re making the advanced version available for $1. 

The best time to meditate to this file is early in the mornings, where the mind is quiet, and the world around you is asleep. 

If you do use the advanced version, spend a few minutes quietening the mind, by focusing upon your breath for a little while, before you play the file. 

It will be highly beneficial, if you continued to sit in silence, for as long as possible, after completing your meditation.

Then, get up and go about your day. 

Note. The advanced version has been built to play only once or twice, per session. The Youtube version is built light, so you may play it 3 – 5 times. 

The best way to help Gaia, and the people around you, is to raise your own vibration and awareness. Once you reach self realisation, your presence automatically affects millions around you, positively! 

Stay blessed! 

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