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Spiritual Techniques

Create 2 Million Dollars in 2023 (Experimental)

Another yearly tradition is where we take the energy output of affirmations to do with creating a set amount of money in a certain year, combine it with other energy fields to create a protocol that can be utilised to help achieve this goal. 

In 2022, we received a handful of emails from people that did meet the 2 million goal, through various means. All of these people, except one that received an inheritance, had a few pathways via which money can flow. 

We had others, who although did not reach the 2 million dollar mark, did manage to double or triple their earnings. 

All of these people actively worked on creating pathways via which money can flow. 

Most also put in the time daily, to meditate with this file and work on creating multiple streams of income. 

We’ve spent time studying the energy of how the 2022 protocol has operated, and taking this into account, are now releasing our updated 2023 protocol for creating 2 million US dollars, or local currency equivalent. 

This protocol will work with your vibration, as well as, the entire body of energy for the year 2023. 

The Youtube version combines the ENERGY OUTPUT of 3 afformations (questions), each asking either the Subconscious mind, Body Intelligence or the Universe how you’ve so rapidly and easily been able to generate the sum of USD$2 million, or local currency equivalent, within the time of the year 2023. The afformations create instability in your vibration that requires an immediate response and solution from your subconscious and universe. 

Note. Afformations is not spelt incorrectly. Afformations are questions, whereas affirmations are statements.

This is combined with an energy field that constantly works to clear the resistance that surfaces as a result of interacting with the above energy field. This is why daily use is important, as there needs to be a catalyst to force the resistance to surface. 

We’ve added an additional energy field that magnetises you for wealth, each day you work with this protocol. Don’t over do it. 2 – 3 times a day is enough, as long as you spend those 5 – 10 minutes focusing on wealth generation pathways. 

The Youtube version also includes the vibration of money. As you work with this protocol, this vibration of money becomes more and more a part of your own vibration. 

We have changed the Advanced version, which targets 5 million USD, or local currency equivalent. This version includes the above, plus, the actual energy field of 5 million dollars. As you work with this protocol, you will be absorbing the energy field of the amount of 5 million USD into your own vibration. 

To this, we’ve added the bheej (seed) vibration (energy field) of Lord Kubera, the treasurer to the Gods, a manifestation vibration, and something new we’ve been working on – an energy field that activates and combines the speech/thought areas of the brain with the conscious and subconscious minds. This dramatically increases your subconscious minds receptivity of the energy and whatever messages you deliver it.  

This last part will help us produce potent combination subliminal / energy protocols down the track. 

Please Note. If you do decide to purchase the advanced version, please be careful with your thoughts and speech around the time you use this protocol, as the energy field may keep this connection active for a little while after use. How long depends on the individual. 

How to get the best out of these protocol(s)?

Firstly, understand that you have control of your vibration, which includes your entire self and your life. This awareness alone, is enough to lessen the burden of the planets upon your life. 

When you have awareness, you have the ability to act, consciously. 

Understand that manifestation happens in response to your vibration. This is LOA in its simplest form. You manifest as you vibrate. 

If you wish to manifest 2 or 5 million USD or local equivalent, you need to become that vibration. This protocol(s) will help you achieve it, however, be mindful, that it can’t without you. 

By this, I mean that you should actively work to change your own thoughts and habits. 

  1. Look after your health. If you eat badly and don’t look after your body, health issues will distort your vibration, which will impact on your ability to vibrate along with this protocol. 
  2. In the same way, control your thoughts and your speech. Everything you think and say reinforces your vibration. If you want to manifest wealth, change the words you use and what you think about. Cut out all negative words and actions. 
  3. Cut back on excessive masturbation. Masturbation, or ejaculation, will result in expelling tremendous life force. This energy would be better used in the manifestation process. 
  4. Cut back or cut out social media use the likes of TikTok or Facebook Reels and Youtube Shorts videos. This overloads your subconscious mind with nonsense, which will not only affect your memory, but also dramatically decreases your manifestation abilities. Think about the amount of unnecessary information you’re absorbing on a daily basis. In addition, cut back on arguments online with people. If your interaction does not benefit you in any real way, don’t engage. This damages your Mercury, which will further damage your Subconscious Mind. 
  5. Spend 10 – 15 minutes EVERYDAY, with yourself, in silence, whilst listening to this protocol. Focus on this amount of money and your ‘REAL ACTION PLANS’. Don’t make excuses, instead do. Wake up 10 minutes earlier, or go to bed 10 minutes later. If you genuinely want the money, then first find the time. 
  6. Be disciplined and consistent. Again, don’t make any excuses to yourself. No one will care if you succeed, but many will be happy if you fail. So, the only person you’re letting down, is yourself. 
  7. Last, and possibly the most important – create, and continue to work on actual pathways through which the energy of this money can flow. If you sit at home, doing nothing, the energy will have nowhere to flow. Work on this daily. Create a habit. 

Once again, remember, that you do have control over your vibration, by increasing awareness, and so, have the power to make changes to your vibration, utilising this awareness. Changes to your vibration will bring about changes to the results you receive. 

The very last thing to understand – you are constantly manifesting every second of your existence. Even right now, at this exact second, you’re manifesting. The slightest change in your vibration, will continue to manifest, but this time, it will manifest something different, based on the change you’ve made. Understand? Good! You’ve just realise the actual secret. 

This may not work for everyone, and not everyone will work to achieve the success they desire. But, this protocol is a tool that will help people that are ready to help themselves. Make it happen!

This protocol can be used in-conjunction with the Wealth Program.

Stay Blessed!

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