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Spiritual Techniques

Rise Out Of Poverty | Major Energy Field Program 

This protocol contains nine energy fields + a powerful clearing protocol. Its purpose is to help you rise out of poverty. There is no separate advanced protocol. This is the advanced protocol, which will be made available for free download to everyone. 

Economically speaking, the world is heading into a highly turbulent time, where more and more people will find themselves pushing below the poverty line. 

Unfortunately, this problem isn’t going to be short lived. It will last many years. 

However, this protocol isn’t just for the turbulent times. This is also for people who, even after tremendous effort, aren’t able to better their financial situation or the quality of their lives. 

The protocol focuses on the following:

  1. Improve your financial situation. Each area of our lives holds a separate vibrational environment, which interacts with the other ares of our lives. This energy field works directly with your financial arena, including your work environment, and any other sources of income. We highly recommend you leverage any and all income sources. This field will make it easier for you to achieve success. 
  2. Remove the entire vibration of poverty. The energy and consciousness of poverty, is like quicksand. The more you struggle, the deeper you sink. This is because the frustration that is generated, is a heavy, dense energy, which lowers ones vibration, establishing more energetic entanglements. 
  3. An energy field to transmute the energy of debt. This will help with your efforts to pay down the debt that maybe a large burden on your life. 
  4. The compassionate aspect of the consciousness of the Universe, to provide the help needed when you are at your lowest point, seeking help. 
  5. A planetary protocol to calm all of the negative energies of the planets. This will dramatically lessen the negative planetary influences on your life. It will provide you the opportunity to breathe and the space to bring about changes you need, to pull yourself out of poverty. 
  6. The energy field of the ‘positive’ aspect of the Universal energy. This will pour tremendous positive energy into each of your 7 major chakras, in cycles. Each listen, will result in 111 complete cycles. The benefit here is in the flow of positive energy replacing all of the negative feelings the frustration has been banking. It’s like pouring clean water into a bucket of dirty water. As we pour more clean water in, the water in the bucket becomes cleaner and cleaner. 
  7. The energy field of confidence and will power. This will have a compounding effect. We highly recommend that you focus on a heightened confidence in your ability to make things happen in your lives. Think it, feel it, and know, that you can, and will, achieve a better life for yourself and your loved ones. This energy will also target all of your 7 main chakras, and each listen will also, result in 111 cycles through all 7 chakras. It will help to become more aware of your thoughts. Catch yourself when you are thinking negatively and stop it. By controlling your thoughts, you’ll be able to control the negative energy that you give rise to. 
  8. We’ve isolated an energy field, which we believe manifests material wealth into our lives. This is done by establishing a highly charged field in your vibration. This field will compound in your own vibration, and we’re hoping, that it will automatically attract wealth into your lives. 
  9. The ninth field is a field that activates the energy of angelic codes in our lives, like the number 1111. The idea behind this is in enhancing the energy avenues through which, we receive help and guidance from our guides and guardians. A really helpful way to seek divine help, is by simply asking (whichever word you use for source) to show you that you are loved. For example, you have no religious limitations, you can simply say “ Dear God / Universe, please show me I am loved”. 
  10. A clearing protocol, which clears any and all vows to poverty from all lifetimes, poverty related subconscious programs, belief systems (both established in this life and that which was inherited through your DNA), poverty related consciousness on a cellular level, etc. This protocol performs a comprehensive clearing. Please do not overplay this file, as this clearing may trigger off significant detox symptoms. 

We strongly recommend that you develop a realistic plan to rise out of poverty, then action it, with determination. This protocol will help you achieve your desired goal. Maintain this effort for a reasonable time frame. This could be anywhere from a few months to a year or so. Make sure to take advantage of every opportunity that arises. 

Use this protocol once in the morning and once in the evening, playing through speakers. 

The consciousness of all of the fields used are at their maximum levels, and so, we highly encourage you to speak with the energy as if you’re speaking with your board of directors, bouncing off ideas, sharing your goals and plans, holding a daily meeting, etc. 

We’ve utilised our waves of light technology and also the subtle delivery system to limit the impact of energy on your bodies. Please do not overuse the protocol. 

Take action and make it happen! 

Stay blessed!

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