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Spiritual Techniques

Elevate Soul Consciousness (Automated Yogic Technique)

We receive a lot of emails where people either don’t want to actively work with the energies, or do not want to sit and meditate with a spiritual vibration in-order to raise their vibratory rate. 

For this reason, we’ve mapped the energy process of a yogic technique that helps the ‘character’ that we’re playing right now, to merge with the true identity of the Soul, allowing the character to elevate its consciousness, in-line with that of soul consciousness. 

When this merging happens, you begin existing in a much higher consciousness. I keep saying consciousness, when the real goal is awareness. The reason for this is that awareness is on the other side of the veil. 

The beautiful part about this protocol is that as soon as you hit play, the process is automatic in the background. So, as long as you are near the energy field, you can be doing other things. If you focus on it, you’re effect will be multifold. 

The protocol seeks permission from your higher self to automatically work with your body intelligence, and naturally, if you are drawn to this, then the Soul aspect is already giving permission. 

There is no advanced version for this protocol. We’re releasing the maximum potency I am allowed to release for this energy. 

You can trial both speakers and headphones for this one. 

Please don’t over do it. Keep it to 1 – 2 plays per session. 

Stay blessed

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