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Spiritual Techniques

Transmute ALL Curses, Bindings & Spells

One of the greatest tragedies of being able to see energy is that you get to see the realities of human expression – ALL of it. 

Why is this a tragedy? It is because seldom do humans reveal their truths in the 3rd dimensional world. 

The number of people that engage in some sort of activity that involve cursing others, performing bindings, or doing spells, is astronomical. 

This doesn’t include the energy that is risen from thinking bad about someone else. In the world of Social Media, the amount of hate energy that is created daily can’t be quantified, nor the damage it does to people’s lives. 

I am yet to meet a person who isn’t affected by some form of a curse, bindings, spells, past life vows, or the evil eye. 

Many are carrying these influences into this life from past lives. Others are inheriting curses through their lineage. 

The drama never ends. 

This protocol utilises multiple energy fields to transmute the energy of all curses, energy bindings and spells, that are affecting your life right now. 

Why are we transmuting instead of removing them completely? We’re doing this so that you can avoid situations where you have an opponent that is actively engaging in spells or curses to harm you. If we were to remove the energies of their workings, chances are, they’d know about it. 

If we transmuted the energy to Source energy instead, they’d be none the wiser, and you’d benefit from Source energy. 

Note, the ‘When Nothing Else Works’ file can do this for you as well. You can meditate with that file and specifically ask the energies to clear all curses, bindings and spells that have been cast upon you by yourself and others, and it will be done. 

This file is more for those that aren’t too savvy with energy work. If you aren’t sure what you’re doing, then listen to this file instead, sitting in front of speakers, deeply breathing in these energies. As your vibration assimilates with this energy, all curses, bindings and spells affecting your present life will be transmuted, from outside in. 

As you continue using this file, the clearing process will go deeper and deeper within you. 

We recommend doing this at least once a day, for between 7 – 21 days. 

Our advanced version of this protocol, works to transmute the energy of all curses, bindings and spells, from ALL lifetimes. We’ve also added an additional field that clears the energy of all vows you may have taken in any and all past lives. 

There isn’t ever anything good about a vow. It is always limiting in nature. 

We recommend the advanced version be used daily for at least 3 months. 

The energy fields used in this protocol are somewhat abrupt, considering what it does, hence we recommend placing something on your head whilst you use this file. It could be a hat, a hanky, a beanie, a tissue, etc. Anything you’re comfortable with. 

The reason for this is to prevent your crown chakra from absorbing too much of this energy, which could result in a headache. 

Note. If you’ve deliberately had spells cast upon you, it is probably not a good idea to use this file, as it will transmute this energy as well.

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