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Spiritual Techniques

Total Peace – Body & Mind | Energy Protocol

This powerful protocol utilises the energy signature of peace, to establish its energy field over the energy fields of your mind and body. 

The Youtube version will calm the mind and the overall body. 

We recommend sitting in complete silence with your eyes closed, focused on slowing your breathing. Once the file has finished playing, continue sitting in silence for as long as you’re comfortable. 

The advanced version establishes the energy signature of peace on the conscious and subconscious minds, every cell of the physical body, and calms the brain. 

It is also 200% the potency of the Youtube version, with maximised intelligence. In addition, it performs a clearing of all tension causing energies that is held in your mind and body.

Peace is desperately needed in all our lives, hence the advanced version will be made available for $1. 

You only need to listen to the file just once per day or when needed. 

Play using speakers to expose the entire body to the energy fields. 

Some of you may experience detox symptoms, so please increase your intake of fresh water. 

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