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Spiritual Techniques

Brain Power + Mind Power (Combination Energy Protocol)

This protocol utilises two distinct energy fields. One, that regulates brain power, by enhancing all of its faculties, and the second, that regulates mind power, by increasing its capacity. 

We arrive at both energy fields + the combination energy field, utilising a yogic technique. It is done by mastering the ability to transfer consciousness directly into the brain and / or mind. 

You could look at it as upgrading both hardware and software, through a natural process of evolution. This is the only combination protocol of its kind that we’re offering. 

We’re releasing the Youtube version as two separate protocols, allowing users to utilise the energy fields separately. 

The advanced version comes with three files. The first is the advanced version of the brain power energy field, the second the advanced version of the mind power energy field, and the third a powerful combination advanced energy field protocol. 

The brain power protocol will rewire the brain to enhance the specific faculties you want, tailoring the enhancements to your life. You get to do this by playing the file whilst you’re engaged in your specific kind of activity. It can be from studying the subject you want help with, or engaging in the work you want to excel in. 

The mind power protocol increases the capacity of the mind, allowing it to process more, quicker. The main benefit here can be dramatically increasing intelligence and learning ability. 

Each time you listen to this protocol, you’re effectively rewiring the brain and the mind. 

Please take it slow. Do not loop or over do it. Listening more times, or playing passively for long periods of time won’t increase the results. 

Remember to drink some water before and after listening to this file. 

It helps to engage in the activity you want to enhance, when this file is playing. This means, studying, reading, working, etc. 

From an energy perspective, it seems that the brain power protocol also increases the neurones in the brain. 

The mind, is seen outside of the physical body, with concentrations of energy around the head and body. When the energy field is active, it looks like the energies are organising better and are expanding in space, as well as, becoming more dense. 

The advanced protocol, with both fields active, also establishes a stronger connection between the brain and mind energies. 

The best way to utilise this protocol is by listening to it, semi-actively, 2 – 3 times per session, 3 times a day. Try to spread these out throughout the day. 

Semi actively, means playing the file whilst you are working or studying. This way, you’re engaging in activity that has the mind and brain focused, allowing the energy fields to enhance this activity, and subsequently, enhancing the capacity and faculties of the brain and mind. 

Once again, please don’t over do it. Use these tools to enhance your ability to handle more information, allowing you to understand more, quicker. 

Certainly experiment with the protocols to see what else you can achieve with it. 

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