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Spiritual Techniques

Eradicate Sin | Yogic Practice Energised

In International Law, we have a latin term – Jus Cogens, which refers to certain fundamental principles, from which no derogation is permitted. Genocide is one such example. 

Similarly, we have karma, and then we have what various religions call sin. Karma is our every day actions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. Sin would equate to something like murder – the taking of someone else’s, or even your own, life. 

Various religions have their own lists of what is considered to be sinful. 

In spiritual terms, there are certain actions, like the taking of someone else’s life, which require grave penance to correct.

I, personally, don’t know what a complete list of actions might be that the Universe would consider sinful, however, I do know that it is our own Soul, the true self, that makes the judgement. It’s not some external judgement authority. 

Further, many of us have lived an exceptional number of universal lives, and lives here on Earth, where we may have committed sinful acts, in our state of ignorance. This is guaranteed. 

For all of us, these sins may just be the catalyst for the toughest lessons in life, or be the biggest blocks that no amount of effort has been able to resolve. 

I’ll share an example. Many years ago, I had come across a talented Fijian Shaman, who had been helping hundreds of people heal through his extensive knowledge and experience. However, he was quite sickly himself. And, this wasn’t due to energy transfer. 

He couldn’t heal himself, and had asked me to heal him. I couldn’t heal him either. When I meditated and connected with his Soul and Higher Self for consultation, I was told that when he first started walking the path of the Shaman, magic had piqued his interests. Being a young man at the time, with little control over his own mind or emotions, he had, through the practice of magic, killed another man, which he later came to deeply regret. 

This was a grave sin in the eyes of his Soul, which he had to repent for. This manifested as an illness in his lungs, which no amount of healing or the burning of karma could fix. 

He passed away earlier this year from this illness, after many many years of suffering. 

What I’m sharing with you today, is a highly advanced yogic technique, which helps to eradicate the energy of the Sin(s) we may have committed. The technique works as penance for your sinful act. 

There are going to be some prerequisites to the use of this protocol, so please read carefully. It is meant for those with a genuine desire for spiritual growth, hence, we will not be releasing it on Youtube. You will be able to access a free version and an advanced version, but, it will only be seen on this website and nowhere else. 

Now, this is important –  to what extent the energy of the sinful act(s) is eradicated or reduced, depends not only on what the act was, but also, will be decided by your own soul. We will not EVER override your souls free will. 

Also, for some of you, the mind may want to use this protocol, however, we strongly encourage you to consider your gut feeling, seek inner guidance, as this is an advanced yogic technique. If you feel led to use this protocol, then do so. 

The free version utilises one aspect of the yogic poses to work on eradicating sin, which your soul allows, from this lifetime. If this is successful, you maybe able to lift some major blocks in your life. 

The advanced version utilises the complete combination of advanced yogic practices, to work on eradicating sin across all lifetimes. This version is more suited towards those that are engaged in daily spiritual practice. 

When I was first instructed on this practice, I was told to say to my own soul and the Universe, something along the lines of:

“In all of my lives, in my ignorance, I have committed acts, that I am seeking forgiveness for. Please guide me through my penance, so that I may genuinely repent”.

Personally, I would further add:

“I surrender my mind, to my intelligence, to myself as the Soul, and to my heart, and allow my heart to perform these yogic poses, automatically”.

This is a statement I use in my Qi Gong, practice, which I find works tremendously well in my Yogic practices. 

For this practice, please sit with legs folded in the lotus position, preferably on the floor, for the duration of the file playing. 

Continue with this practice daily, for at least 40 days. 

Please also increase water intake, as well as, get plenty of sleep, as this may result in the body and mind detoxing. 

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