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Spiritual Techniques

Astral Disruption Chant Energised

This protocol encompasses what you could call a specific noise, that I refer to as the ‘Astral Disruption Chant’. 

I discovered this in the Astral World, during one of my earlier journeys. 

It is essentially a vibration, which, when introduced to other vibrations, causes the energy to loosen, allowing for changes to be made much more easily. 

This ‘specific noise’ was used a lot in our earlier protocols, to help loosen the aspect of your vibration, that you were trying to change, utilising our other protocols. 

This protocol doesn’t include the noise, but the energy field of the astral disruption chant. We have mapped its energy signature and re-created the energy field. 

You can utilise this protocol to help loosen the most stubborn of traits / issues / habits / energies, etc, from your own vibration. 

You simply meditate with the file playing, asking the energy to wok on the part of your life, or your body, or situation, where you are having difficulty bringing about change. 

If you can visualise or imagine the energies unravelling / unwinding, you’ll notice more rapid changes. 

In our experience, in having worked with this vibration for many many years, the simpler situations takes mere seconds to loosen, and the more complex situations, requires some time. 

One situation I used it in, was for an extended family that had a massive fight and so weren’t communicating with each other. Since it involved more than about 35 people, it took over 3 months of regular meditations with this energy, to unravel the complexity of that situation, before we could bring about a resolution.

The energy works on the astral aspect of your being or the situation. When the energy is loosened in the astral, you’ll notice the energies more receptive to change in the physical. 

I have not come across any situation where this energy could not be utilised, so, it is entirely up to you on what things you use it for. 

A single play, per day, meditating with the protocol should be enough for most situations. You may want to use it daily for 3 days, 7 days, 11 days, or even 21 days, visualising the situation or the part of your body you want changes to. If you are receptive to energy, you’ll know when the work is done. 

We have an advanced version of this protocol, which is the maximum potential potency and intelligence that can be achieved, at about 700% that of the Youtube version. 

Most of you won’t need the advanced version. For those of you working with energy, this will become a powerful tool in your arsenal. 

The advanced version also comes with a second advanced protocol, that will make your astral body curse proof. 

Again, this is for those of you working with energy, or are empaths, or highly receptive to energies.  It will create a powerful protective barrier that will ensure protection from others attacking you. You’ll use this advanced protocol twice a day for 7 or 21 days, then, use it weekly to reinforce the protection. 

As with many of our energy protocols, only you can limit the power and potential of the energy field. So, we encourage you to experiment with it to discover what else you can achieve with it. 

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