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Spiritual Techniques

Kundalini Manifestation Power

There resides within each one of us, a supremely unrivalled divine force, which can be accessed, even within our state of ignorance. 

This divine force is known as the ‘Kundalini Shakti’. This power lays dormant at the base of our spine. 

It is extremely dangerous for anyone to unnaturally force this power to awaken, and so we advise against it. 

However, we can access its manifestation power without awakening it. 

This protocol we’re releasing, is the energy field of the energetic process that accesses the manifestation power of the Kundalini Shatki, allowing you to naturally power up the energy of any desire you can fathom. 

Its use is extremely simple. 

Sit in a lotus position, or sit on a firm chair with your spine perfectly straight. If you are sitting on a chair, make sure your feet are uncrossed, flat on the ground. 

You cannot lay down for this protocol. Please make sure you’re sitting upright. 

Play the protocol, close your eyes, and place your focus at the base of your spine, near your tailbone. 

For more advanced spiritual practitioners, place your tongue firmly against the upper palate or roof of your mouth, with the tip of the tongue touching the base of your upper teeth. 

Breath through the nose. 

If you cannot do the above, continue to focus just on the base of your spine. 

If possible, visualise or imagine a small deep orange ball of energy at the base of your spine. It can be the size of a small marble piece. 

If you like, you can mentally call out to you Kundalini Shakti, by repeating the word ‘Kundalini’. 

We have deliberately kept the protocol short, so as to not over stimulate the Kundalini Shakti. 

Please play it only once or a maximum of twice, per session, per day. 

Once the protocol stops playing, address the Kundalini Shakti, asking it for whatever you desire. 

For example, if you seek a new job, then something along the lines of:

‘Dear Kundalini, please manifest my ideal job at__________.’  

After the words ‘Dear Kundalini’, you can say in your own words, whatever you desire. You can also do this in any language you like. Try it be a little more specific and strategic than what I wrote above.

Please be realistic in your desire. If you’re trying to manifest wealth. Don’t try to go from $0 to 10 million overnight. For those of you that have been with this channel for a while, by now, you should start to understand how energy in this universe works. The more realistic your desire are, the quicker the manifestation will happen. 

Please do not loop this protocol. Do not do more than one session per day. 

You can further enhance the effects of this meditation, by visualising your desire, after you verbally or mentally present the Kundalini Shakti with your desires. 

The best time of use would be before going to sleep at night, or early in the morning, before you go about your day. 

For any desire, perform the meditation, once daily, for 1 – 2 plays maximum, for at least 21 days. 

This process may seem simple, however, it is extremely powerful. Put in some conscious effort, and don’t overuse it. 

The Kundalini Manifestation Power can be used for absolutely any desire you would like to manifest, including physical changes, wealth, health, relationships, etc. It achieves the result by transforming your vibration. 

We recommend playing this protocol through speakers. 

Please drink plenty of fresh water when working with this protocol. 

We do have an advanced version, which we recommend only to those of you that are active spiritual practitioners. The potency may trigger responses from the Kundalini, which may overwhelm someone new to spiritual practice. 

The advanced protocol maximises the potency and intelligence of the energy field, as well as, connects your consciousness with the consciousness of your Kundalini Shakti. This will allow some of you that are able to communicate, the ability to converse with the Kundalini. For others, if you keep your mind calm, you maybe able to hold a mental conversation. This is a priceless resource, allowing you access to an unlimited amount of universal knowledge. 

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