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Spiritual Techniques

Attract Soul Mate Love

The experience of true love is probably the greatest gift to a human life. It’s something many of us truly yearn for, and only the truly lucky get to experience. 

I’m not talking about the regular, superficial kind of relationships. Those are primarily karmic, which often end up creating more karma. 

I’m speaking of the kind where you meet someone that recognises your soul. Whose gaze pierces through the many masks you wear, to see the real you. 

From my own experience, some souls have 2 – 3 such opportunities for love in their life times, many have 1, and some have none. 

The greatest block to two such souls connecting, is timing. Awareness and recognition requires for the two souls to be in the right moment in their life journey, to be able to recognise each other, and not miss the opportunity to experience such deep love. 

I want to be clear here, that this isn’t what many are calling the ‘twin soul’ connection. In reality, there is no such thing. This role is often filled by a soul mate, who perfectly reflects your entire soul, but, isn’t another half of your soul. 

You are a complete soul, who has the capability of utilising a soul you trust, to reflect back your divine masculine / feminine side or entire soul. This is done to help you to heal unresolved issues within yourself. The aim here is to love yourself as much as you love the other person, unconditionally. 

This particular protocol isn’t to heal twin flame issues. You can do that through other spiritual files that help you discover yourself. 

This protocol helps to transmit your unique energy signature outwardly throughout the globe, connecting your energy with that of your soul mate(s), so that they can find you. 

Here is how you use the file:

Sit comfortably, and meditate with the file playing through speakers. Take a few deep breaths, absorbing the energy into you. When ready, visualise your body emitting a ‘white light’, that rapidly expands outwardly, in all directions, covering the globe, encompassing everything. When done, know, that when ready, they will find you. 

Utilising this file, once per day, or once on a regular basis, is more than enough. Each time you play the file performing the above meditation, a signal will go out, establishing a stronger connection. 

That’s it. You can choose to perform this meditation daily, couple of times a week, or a few times a month. It’s completely up to you.

We have an advanced version, which increases the potency of the energy by 1200%. This version will also broadcast the immense love that you have to give. The store page explains how to utilise this. 

That’s it. 

Please be aware that it may take some time, especially if your soul mates are located in another part of the world, or aren’t ready for the connection. Just know that when they are ready, they will find you. 

In the meantime, work on yourself. Be ready for the connection, when it arrives. 

All the best! 

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