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Rules in the use of the advanced versions

I’ve been forced to make some changes to how the advanced versions are used, as there are far too many people that have been abusing the use of these files. 

Unfortunately, many of them don’t see anything wrong in their misuse of the files. 

Hence, these rules now apply. 

  1. Please only purchase advanced versions, if you intend to use it for yourself. You may share the files only with your parents, children or spouse. This is because you maintain karmic links with all three. 
  2. If you have siblings that have a genuine desire to utilise the energy field in the file, ask them to donate a little something to a genuine cause in your community. After this, they can use the files. 
  3. If you have obtained the file for free from anyone, including the discord servers, then you need to donate the equivalent dollar amount to a genuine charitable cause in your community, to continue using the file, otherwise, you need to stop using the file. 
  4. If you are reselling any of the files, you need to refund the purchaser, or donate the full amount to a genuine charitable cause in your community. 
  5. Please do not share the advanced versions with friends, as you would be doing a karmic injustice to yourself, your friend, and also to me, because I am making this available to you. 

Let me explain why. 

When you purchase the advanced file, you’re buying the file, not the energy field that is in the file. 

No one owns the energy field, including myself. These energy fields are a part of nature, governed by nature. 

I am simply the vehicle that brings you access to the experience of the energy field, with the energy fields permission. This right is afforded to me by the lineage of Yogis that I have mentioned in the ‘When Nothing Else Works’ article. 

When you use these files, I ask you to respect the energies contained within. This includes everyone earning the right to use the files, themselves. 

When you pass the files to other people, I carry the karmic burden with you, and the person who has not earn’t the right to use the file, also establishes karmic burden. 

What is this Karmic burden?

For those that are unaware, Earth or Gaia, is a very unique phenomena in this present universe. It is known as ‘Karma Bhumi’.

Loosely translated, it means a place where our lives are governed by our own actions. This is especially true if you are a souled being. 

The universe, in the form of nature, maintains energetic balance at all times, through the law of cause and effect. 

We establish karma through our deeds, thoughts, feelings, words, emotions, etc. Karma isn’t necessarily good or bad. It is simply the effect of that which we cause. We reap what we sow. 

Now, how does this apply to the use of energy fields. 

There are some 330 million fields of energy in this universe. These are conscious energies, a part of nature. 

Humans, in our ignorant state, cannot directly experience or engage with these fields.

It takes the regular practice of meditation, yoga, penance, or engaging in other spiritual practices, for many months, years, or even decades, to earn the right to experience the individual fields of energy. 

However, here, through the penance of the lineage of Yogis, and my own practices over multiple lifetimes, I am choosing, with the permission of the energy fields themselves, to bring them to your use. 

The lineage of Yogis, including myself, take on the burden of you ‘earning’ the right to use the energy field form in the Youtube files. By ‘earning’, I mean the same as having engaged in the act of years of spiritual practice to experience the individual energy fields. Naturally, you haven’t engaged in spiritual evolution for this purpose, so we carry this burden for you. This is our service to humanity. Please don’t disrespect this. 

However, given the power level of the advanced files, we ask that you, yourself, earn the right to experience the energy field. How do you do this? When you purchase the file, through the use of your own money, or that which has come from a direct karmic link, like your parents, kids or spouse, then you are giving or sacrificing something, in return for the right to use the file and  experience the energy field. 

We, then take that money and donate it to genuine causes through what is called ‘Gupt Dhan’. This means, where we do not notify the recipient as to whom donated, nor do we claim any of this as a tax deduction. This way, even our ego isn’t receiving gratification for the donation.

This process, creates the energetic karmic balance. 

When people resell the files, or pass it around, then they are creating situations where people have not personally performed the necessary cause or act, through which they gain the benefit of experiencing the energy fields. 

In short, the universe will deem this as being an energetic imbalance. When it establishes balance, you end up giving something for the gain you received. This is what we refer to as karmic consequence. 

And because we are affording you the right of use of the energy fields, by bringing them to you in this format, when it is misused, we too are burdened by karmic consequences. 

So, I ask you, to please respect the energy fields, respect these rules, and please to not do anything that will ruin it for everyone. 

As you may have noticed from what is written above, I gain absolutely nothing from this, except maybe a little positive karma, so I ask of you to please at least be polite when dealing with me. 

Stay blessed! 

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