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Spiritual Techniques

Most Powerful Rudra Vibration | Energy Field

Today, on Maha ShivRatri (the great night of the supreme soul), a day on which there is a massive uptick of vibration on the planet, I’m releasing another powerful vibration, that has come down from Guru to disciple, in the lineage of Yogis that I belong to. 

It is a unique vibration, that has to do with the mightiest, and possibly fiercest form of the original divine manifestation, known as Rudra. 

We know that the multi-verse, and everything within it, comes into being from nothingness, sustains for a period of time, then, dissolves into itself, and remains in nothingness for awhile, before coming into being again. 

These transitions from nothingness to being, and back into dissolution, are not random acts. These are very deliberate actions of the divine – the true divine, that resides beyond any religion known to mankind. 

This vibration that we’re releasing today, is the highest form of the dissolution vibration that we know of as Rudra – one of the first manifestations of the divine. 

At galaxy level, we know of a lower form of this vibration as the black hole at the centre of all galaxies. On the flip side of the black hole, is a white hole through the creation of the galaxy happens. 

So, essentially, the Rudra vibration is both a creator and an energy of destruction. 

What we’re offering you today, is two forms of the intense Rudra vibration. The Youtube version is the galaxy level, and the advanced version is the Universe level. There is a level of this vibration that is at multi-verse level, however, unfortunately, I, myself, have not reached the level where I would be able to experience and map this energy to share with you all. Some day in the future, maybe. 

So, what can you do this vibration?

Daily meditation with this vibration, will nullify the the efforts of those that are out to cause you harm. It is a highly protective force. 

You can ask it to destroy all of your negative traits like addictions, bad habits, behavioural patterns, etc. 

You can actively work with this energy to dissolve and rebirth any situation in your life, much like how the black hole destroys and the flip side is a white whole that re-creates. This is the most powerful aspect to this energy. 

Here is the method I would recommend. Think of the situation in your life that you would like to dissolve and recreate. Write down the key elements of it. 

Remember to be honest with yourself. For example, if its a relationship, be honest with your own shortfalls that is causing problems in the relationship. Focus on the main issues that are causing the problems. Then, play the file asking the energy to help resolve the stated issues in the ‘situation’, rebirthing it to something new. Speak it out, or mentally verbalise it. 

It would be a good idea to have some idea of how you would like the end result to be. Visualise it. Imagine how amazing the ‘new’ life will be. 

When you consider the above potential, the uses for this maybe unlimited in your life. 

This vibration can also be worked with for deep spiritual transformations. If this is what you’re seeking, be prepared for the changes to life that it brings. 

This protocol can also be used for void meditation. 

Just playing this protocol in your home, car, will also cleanse out all of the lower vibrations in the space. It will also get rid of bad entities. 

For those seeking deep self awareness, this is another powerful force that will magnetically pull your consciousness out of the global consciousness and grant you the ability to observe from outside the veil. 

Meditate with it, and it will reveal a great deal about the Universe we live in. 

When working with deep spiritual protocols like this, it’s always a good idea to take time out, sit in silence, and work with this energy. Play through speakers so it impacts on both your entire vibration, as well as, the space around you. 

As mentioned above, the advanced version is the Rudra vibration at the universe level. It’s potency and force is something like 500% of the Youtube version. Be mindful that you will be working with different levels of consciousness here. There is a massive difference between the galaxy level and Universal level. 

We recommend meditating with this protocol 5 – 15 minutes, so, it would be 1 – 3 plays per session. 

On a side note. The Maha Shivratri, is a time when consciousness at the base of your spine can easily be transformed into awareness at crown chakra, because of the natural upward flow of energy that happens overnight. 

We would highly recommend working with the chakra and meridian protocols during the day, in preparation for this flow overnight. 

As with all of our spiritual protocols, these vibrations are beyond the religion level, so, people of all faiths and beliefs can work with this energy. 

Stay Blessed!

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