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Spiritual Techniques

Excel in Study & Sports | Energy Field

At Spirituality Zone, we study natural energy fields of processes that happen naturally in this Universe. This includes energy that propels human behaviour. 

This protocol involved studying and isolating fields of energy that help humanity excel in studies and in sport. 

This isn’t limited to academia, but any field where study is involved in mastering the art, including business. 

The key to using this protocol is in taking your goal, and breaking down the plan of action you have to achieve your goal. This protocol will help rewire your brain and your vibration to achieving your goal through your plan of action. 

For example, if you’re wanting to use this for excelling in your education, sit down and consider the subject you’re studying. Break down the syllabus, defining exactly what you need to understand in-order to master your exams. Do this whilst this file is playing. Do this daily, looking deeper into the subject matter, or breaking down concepts that you are having difficulty with. 

If it’s for sport, mentally enact the moves you want to achieve whilst playing sport. If it’s basketball, visualise yourself shooting free throws. Keep breaking down the entire process. As you do, this protocol will help you rewire your vibration so that this becomes second nature to you. 

If you use this for business, break down your entire business process, mapping every step from inception of your product or service to customer acquisition, to after sales service. As the protocol plays, keep breaking down sections of the process, until you’ve mastered it. This energy will help you reach excellence. 

This protocol is over 10 minutes long, so you only need to listen to it once…..just make sure that you follow the guidance we’ve provided above. Don’t passively listen. 

Our advanced version is just over 400% in potency and intelligence of the Youtube version, plus, we’ve added a second file that is the pure energy field of ‘Achieving Excellence’, for you to use in any area of your life. You can use it independently of the Excel in Study and Sports protocol. 

Try using this protocol with speakers, as it would be too much energy flowing into your headspace if you use headphones. You can play on low volume. 

Spirituality Zone articles are a joint collaboration of multiple authors of different backgrounds and specialities.