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Spiritual Techniques

The Three Treasures: Jing, Qi, Shen

The concept of the “Three Treasures” is rooted in various ancient Chinese philosophies and spiritual traditions, particularly Taoism (Taoism) and traditional Chinese medicine. The Three Treasures represent three fundamental energies or principles that are believed to be essential for a balanced and harmonious life. 

They are:

  • Jing (Essence): Jing is considered the fundamental substance of life and is often associated with the physical body. It represents the essence inherited from one’s parents and is believed to be stored in the kidneys. Jing is essential for growth, development, and reproduction.
  • Qi (Vital Energy or Breath): Qi is the life force or vital energy that flows through all living beings. It is associated with the breath and the movement of energy throughout the body. A harmonious flow of Qi is believed to be essential for good health and well-being.
  • Shen (Spirit): Shen encompasses the spiritual aspect of a person and is often associated with the mind and consciousness. It refers to mental and spiritual qualities like emotions, thoughts, and awareness. A calm and balanced Shen is considered crucial for mental clarity and emotional stability.

Balancing and harmonising these ‘Three Treasures’ are central to the practices of traditional Chinese medicine, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and various other Taoist practices. The goal is to promote health, longevity, and spiritual development by cultivating and nurturing these vital energies.

This protocol combines the energy fields of Jing, Qi & Shen. 

The Youtube version will work with your body intelligence to balance the three treasures in your mind, body and consciousness. 

The Advanced version is 400% the potency of the Youtube version, plus maximum level consciousness of the three energy fields. The advanced protocol includes three individual energy fields of Jing, Qi and Shen, allowing you to work individually with these fields, or connect with them as a whole. 

You only need to play this protocol once a day to establish balance. 

With the advanced protocol, if you would like to work with individual energy fields, you can simply ask the field to increase one of the three fields. 

We recommend meditating with the protocol playing, allowing your body intelligence to connect with the energy. 

It is advisable to drink a glass of water before using this protocol. 

Play all energy fields through speakers, allowing the energy to be exposed to your entire vibration.

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