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Healing Frequencies

Turn Bad Times Into Good Times

The primary causes of our life’s moments of happiness and miseries, are the planetary positions, at birth, and their movements in the sky, throughout the duration of our human lives.

Each of the planets, based on their positions and attributes at the time of our birth, take on malefic, benefic, or neutral characteristics.

At different moments in our lives, these planets activate, affecting our lives based on their characteristics at our birth. This can cause great joy, happiness and success, or, tremendous suffering, pain, and failure.

The good news is that we have the means to mitigate the bad and enhance the good. This is exactly what this file does. It removes all of the negative influences of the planets, and enhances all of the good they can do in our lives.

This file works amazing well if you also make changes in your life. Feed your thought energy into all of the good and ignore whatever you consider bad. Then, let the file do the rest.

You may listen as many times as you like, with or without headphones.

Duration: 14:35.

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