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Spiritual Techniques

The Consciousness Of Money

This protocol is exactly what the name suggests. It is the underlying energy signature of money, and it’s complete consciousness. 

I say underlying, because this energy signature covers all human level currencies.

The purpose of this protocol isn’t to become rich or attract money into your life, although, you could combine this with a wealth protocol to enhance your money inflow. 

The main purpose of this protocol is for those of you that have blockages in the inflow of money into your lives, to work with the consciousness of money to figure it out. 

You can do this, by meditating with this energy, whilst you consider the flow of money in your life. This energy will bring about thoughts and feelings, letting you know where the blockages lie. 

For those of you able to hold communication with the energy fields, you can ask specific questions regarding your life, to do with money. You can also ask for revelations on how to attract more money. 

For those that would like to attract money, you can visualise the energy flow into your own vibration, as a deep emerald green colour. Hold this image for as long as you possibly can, being mindful of the thoughts that may flow. This would be the energy field telling you how to trigger off an increased flow of money into your life. Sometimes, it’s easier being told what to do. 

If you have not reached the point where you can openly communicate with the energy, then pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. This would be the energy responding to you. Write down any signs of symbols you see during this time. 

Our advanced version is just over 400% in potency and intelligence level of the Youtube version. This is the absolute maximum we could go. With the advanced version, I highly recommend asking the energy field to perform an in-depth scan of your own vibration, bringing forth to your attention all of the money related blockages that prevent the instant flow of the desired amount of money into your life.  Remember to ask for solutions. 

I would recommend a solid 10 minutes of working with this energy daily, until all of your money related blockages have been removed. 

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