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Welcome to the frequencies / Energy protocols category. Here you will find audio files we formulate using multiple technologies. Listen to these files, as well as, making conscious changes in your lives.

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Our purpose here is to help you eradicate issues in your life and allow you to live the life you want.

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Daily Clearing Protocol 

This is a simple, yet, extremely important protocol, that should be used daily by everyone. 2022, brought with it more ...
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Remove Unhappiness

We humans are extremely complex beings, with many many layers to our existence. From my experience working with the energy ...
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Enhance Medical Treatment With Divine Force

Since the inception of our channel on Youtube, we’ve received countless emails from people, from all over the world, who ...
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Heal Plants & Animals

Heal Plants and Animals | Energy Healing Protocol

This protocol is designed to heal all animals and plants, utilising the original unblemished blueprint of the plant or animal, ...
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Sanjeevani Healing Field

This protocol is modelled on the powerful Sanjeevani, life giving herb. We’ve recreated the energy signature of the energy field ...
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Healing Emotional & Grief Trauma

The human journey, isn’t an easy one. Every experience we have, triggers off some sort of an emotional reaction within ...
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Fluid Intelligence

Here is a psychometric definition for fluid intelligence: “Fluid intelligence is the capacity to think speedily and reason flexibly in ...
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Increase Sexual Strength, Vitality and Drive

This protocol utilises energy fields to increase sexual strength, vitality and drive. In this protocol, we’ve energised a variant of ...
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Cardiovascular System

The cardiovascular system, is one of the 11 major organ systems of the human body. It comprises of the heart, ...
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Energy Clearing Ukraine & Russia

Note. We’re having some issues rendering the video for Youtube. File will be uploaded to Youtube when the MP4 is ...
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Adrenal Master Gland – Purification + Level 1, 2 & 3 Activation

The Adrenal is a triangular shaped gland that sits on top of both the kidneys. There are two main parts ...
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CBD (Mild Dose)

This protocol is the energy field of CBD oil. The Youtube version is a mild dose, and the advanced version ...
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Teeth Restoration Protocol

This is a simple protocol that combines a number of energy fields, the aim of which, is to completely restore ...
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Fat Loss & Body Repair

This is the first of our weight management protocols. Everyone wants a quick fat loss solution, however, there isn’t one ...
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Pancreas Purification + Level 1, 2 & 3 Activation

The Pancreas is a gland, about 6 inches long, located behind the stomach on the upper abdomen. Its main role ...
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Androstenol Energy Field

This protocol is the natural energy field of the powerful pheromone known as androstenol. This field is completely natural and ...
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Stem Cell Experimental Energy Therapy

This file uses our waves of light energy field technology to help the body utilise stem cells in repairing itself ...
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Billionaire Capacity & Business Genius Protocol

I’ve had some serious reservations about releasing this file, primarily due to my concern that many of the users will ...
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