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Spiritual Techniques

The Solutions Protocol | Energy Field

The human life is a troubled existence, where we tend to spend almost all of it in ignorance. 

The ignorance is, primarily, due to the fact that we believe we are the character we’re playing in this life. 

This tends to create a great number of problems throughout our lives, many of which we don’t find solutions to. 

We receive many emails from people seeking help to find solutions to problems in their lives. As we state, we don’t have the resources to be able to help everyone. 

This protocol is a direct response to this issue. 

This protocol utilises the intelligence of your subconscious mind to not only show you the root cause of your problem, but also requests of it, a solution to your problem. 

This protocol is best used at night, right before you fall off to sleep. This will ensure the veil is thin between the conscious and subconscious minds. 

You should meditate with this file, thinking about your problem, and requesting help in providing the reason for the problem or a solution to it. 

Then, pay attention to your dreams, or in your waking life. Some of you more advanced practitioners may even be able to have a conversation with your inner self. 

We highly recommend you keep a journal close by, writing down everything you remember from your dreams. 

The advanced version combines six energy fields that include:

  1. Intelligence of the subconscious mind. 
  2. Intelligence of your physical body. 
  3. Intelligence of your spirit guides.
  4. Intelligence of your higher self. 
  5. The awareness of the Soul. 
  6. Source intelligence. 

Please be careful with the advanced protocol, as all energy fields are at their maximum levels of potency and intelligence. 

You only need to use the protocol once per night. Do NOT over use this protocol. 

We recommend the protocol be played through speakers. 

This protocol can be used for any and all problems you face in life, including seeking answers for health issues.

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