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Spiritual Techniques

Vision Of The Divine Mother | Energy Field 

This protocol is for the true spiritual seeker, who would like to get a glimpse or vision of the divine feminine aspect of Source – The Divine Mother. 

Please Note. This is a spiritual channel, not a religious one. Religion is limited in awareness of the divine. You do not need to be a believer. You can follow any religion and believe in absolutely anything you like, in the end, there is but one source. 

In this protocol, we’re utilising an advanced Yogic technique. This technique connects your awareness to the energy field of the divine feminine aspect of Source, and eventually grants one the absolute privilege of a vision of the Divine Mother. 

You simply meditate with this file playing through speakers, once per day. Continue meditating with the file daily, until you do receive a vision of the Divine Mother. 

There is no advanced version of this protocol. 

Here is a personal opinion I’d like to share. We’re sharing some fairly advanced files for those truly seeking to expand their spiritual awareness. With this file in particular, it helps to have a true genuine desire to receive a vision of the divine mother. If you do not possess this desire, then even with the help of the energy field, it may not happen. 

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