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Spiritual Techniques

Awaken Extreme Drive

A lot has changed in the Earth’s energy grids in the last few years. One of the major changes is the depletion of the energy that gives humanity the ‘drive’ to succeed. 

This protocol is an attempt at responding to this issue. 

Energy mapping the energy fields that establish drive in a person is extremely difficult. Nature does this so easily. 

We began the energy mapping process over a year ago. What we experienced was that the fields of energy in each person, where drive was established, differed. Hence, we were forced to conclude that there is no singular field responsible for this. 

What we’re releasing is a combination protocol, which works with the cellular consciousness of the body, the subconscious mind, and a combination of fields that support drive. 

All you need to do is to add your own conscious desire to take action and succeed. We recommend spending time confirming your goals internally and externally. 

By this, we mean knowing which goals you are serious about and which ones are surface desires that are a waste of your time. 

Once you know the goals that are close to your heart, then, think carefully about an action plan that you will follow for the next few weeks, few months or even years. 

Be honest with yourself. If you know you won’t follow the action plan, then modify it. 

Then, begin visualising, or imagining yourself loving whatever your goal is. Practice this a few times. Have fun with it. You do not need to visualise vividly. Just imagine it. The focus you apply, is more important than the clarity of your visions. Everyone wants to achieve things, but, they don’t want to put in any time or effort. So please, put in the necessary effort. 

When you’re ready, play the file and imagine golden orbs of light flowing into your body, energising every cell of your body and mind, dramatically increasing your energy levels, and energising your goals. 

The energy effect is cumulative. So, your drive should increase with each day’s use. We recommend playing this file 2 – 3 times a day, with focus and intent. 

Play through speakers. 

There is a lot of energy at play within this protocol, so please ensure you drink plenty of water. 

Our advanced version is more like a program of protocols. We’ve combined many protocols starting with enhancing the Youtube version by 400%. We’ve added a subconscious energy program to target active programs in your subconscious mind, dissolving the resistance. This will help you build subconscious programs that support your drive through your imagination practice. 

The advanced version also contains a complete clearing protocol, removing the cellular level energy that creates resistance to action in your body. We encourage you to work with this clearing protocol to perform a clearing of any aspect of your existence which you think is a block to your inner drive. 

We’ve also added planetary energies, including a Mars balancing protocol. Mars is the planet responsible for action in our lives. 

In addition, the advanced version contains an additional six fields to help establish a balance of energies and resources to awaken extreme levels of drive in our lives. 

In short, we’ve thrown everything we can into this combination protocol. 

We recommend working with the Youtube version for a few days and see if it is able to help increase your drive. 

Please don’t rely solely on the protocol to create and maintain your drive. Please combine use with actual action. 

All the best! 

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