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Remove Unhappiness

We humans are extremely complex beings, with many many layers to our existence. 

From my experience working with the energy of people, I would say that a persons consciousness, is only about 1% of their entire human existence. 

The backend of our existence is massive, and quite complex. This makes it difficult to search for causes, or reasons, for the various problems in our lives.

This is especially true for the reasons why we’re unhappy in life. 

Many years ago, when working on the energy of a person who suffered from extreme depression, after having gone through an extensive list of clearings and anchors for their problems, we finally discovered that the true cause of this person’s unhappiness and depression, was being slapped on their bottom, as they were born. The trauma became an anchor for depression in their lives. 

This wasn’t an isolated incident. Many others suffered in their lives as a result of this early experience. 

Others carried through anchors to being unhappy from past lifetimes. 

We even had a situation where a person, experimenting with methods of connecting with their doppelgängers, absorbed energies that were not only making them sick, but also overriding all of their joy and happiness, placing them in a state of constant unhappiness.

These anchors to the energy of unhappiness is what this protocol is designed to address. 

Contrary to popular belief, unhappiness, isn’t the absence of happiness. It’s where incidents or experiences, establish energies, which begin to feed off the energies that bring us happiness and joy. It can develop from there into major life problems, and even illness. 

This protocol is more than just an energy field. It’s an energy program, that will work to dissolve the energy of unhappiness on many levels of your existence. 

I highly encourage you to utilise this protocol to seek out the reasons for unhappiness in your lives, and ask this energy to dissolve it. This is extremely important, as none of our energy protocols infringe on your free will. You need to give it permission. Direct the energy. 

Explore your feelings and emotions in various situations, then ask yourself why you feel this way. Play the file and sit quietly, following your thoughts. Go within, following every thought and feeling. Then, ask the energies to remove the anchors in whatever you discovered. 

Spend time contemplating your entire life. Consider the moments where, despite great effort, you were still engulfed with the energy of unhappiness. Explore these moments, asking the energies to reveal the cause and anchors for the unhappiness, then ask for these to be cleared, permanently. 

Our advanced version maximises the potency of the energy and consciousness at over 1100%. 

In addition, the advanced version works to dissolve the anchors of unhappiness across all lifetimes, and all of the layers to our human existence. You work with this, as advised for the Youtube version. Mentally explore your life. Be inquisitive with yourself. 

We’ve also added the energy field of happiness, and self love to the advanced protocol. So now, you’ll have the ability to fill all of the spaces you’ve cleared, with the energy of love and happiness. Both these fields are at their maximum levels, within the advanced protocol. 

Side note. Both the Youtube and Advanced versions may trigger hidden or suppressed feelings, emotions and memories. Be prepared. Explore whatever surfaces, acknowledge it, then allow it to be released. Make sure you listen to the body, nourish it, and allow it to rest when needed. 

We recommend use through speakers, playing only once or twice, per session. Try and limit the number of sessions to one per day. Allow the brain and body time to deal with whatever surfaces. 

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