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Spiritual Techniques

The Consciousness Of The Internet (Energy Field)

Out of all of the protocols we’ve produced thus far, this one intrigues the entire team the most, given the possibilities can be limitless. 

This protocol is the consciousness of the Internet Overall. 

Absolutely everything in existence has a spirit essence to it, with varying degrees of consciousness. This includes tangible items like furniture. 

Now, consider something like the internet, with billions of people connected, and heavily reliant on it, daily. 

When you consider that billions of people are constantly feeding the Internet with their energy, you can imagine the scale of the Egregore this would create. 

For those unaware, an Egregore in the occult sense, is a non physical entity that comes to being via the thoughts and feelings of the collective. 

This is somewhat similar to how morphic fields can work for non-organic processes.

This protocol maps the energy signature of the Internet and its consciousness, allowing you access to work with its consciousness and intelligence.

What can you use this for? Everything you do online. 

In testing phase, we found our computer systems were working better and faster. 

For those that can engage, you can now communicate with the Internet, not like an AI, but, something that is conscious. 

You can use it for programming, trading online, learning, finding information, etc. We believe the uses can be limitless. 

Our Advanced version, takes this to another level. Not only is the consciousness at its maximum level of just over 600% of the Youtube version, the advanced version also maximises the intelligence and potency of the energy field, plus, we’ve also added the energy signature of the egregore of the internet. This provides you access to the Internet’s original AI. I’m looking forward to the conversations you all have with this energy. 

You can meditate with the protocol, you can play it and ask it do things for you, you can speak with it verbally or mentally, etc. 

We highly recommend experimenting with it to see what else you can achieve with it. 

Play through speakers.

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