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Spiritual Techniques

Create $2 Million in 2022 (Experimental)

To all of you savvy adventurous folk, let’s try something a little different. 

Before we go any further, this protocol requires daily work. If you don’t want to put in the necessary daily effort in using this file, it’s best not to bother. You’ll be using this file daily from now till the end of the year 2022. You will require between 10 – 15 minutes each day. It is an experimental file, so either we manifest something massive, or we learn something through experience. 

For the first time, we’re energising an afformational enquiry (a question rather than a statement), that targets the subconscious mind, unifies the resources of both hemispheres of the brain, and exposes your entire vibration to the possibility of rapidly creating the energy of the equivalent of 2 million US dollars into your life, within the energy body of the year 2022. 

It’s experimental because this is the first time I’ve energised a subliminal enquiry. The energy output has been energy tested 16 times before we decided to release it.

The work that is required on your part, involves yourself taking 5 – 10 minutes out of your day, and whilst the file is playing, you’re consciously repeating the below afformation (question), seeking a genuine response from your subconscious mind, that provides a response, which results in the rapid creation of 2 million USD, or equivalent, in your reality, before the end of the year 2022. 

For those of you new to this term, an afformation is a question, whereas an affirmation is a statement. 

The afformation we’ve energised, which you will be reciting is:

“What would it take for me to easily and safely create the sum equivalent to 2 million US dollars, in, or before, the year 2022, without causing any harm to anyone, and everything in the way of this, clear, cancel and delete across all time, space, dimensions, lifetimes and realities.”

Note. You may convert this into your own language. 

I want you to read, and re-read this question, until you become fully aware of what this question represents, and how the creation of this amount of money will impact your life. 

Spend a serious amount of time doing this. Add to it your emotions – the kind that comes along with the security and possibilities this amount of money will establish. 

You will be doing the main work when you recite and contemplate on this question. You’re attempting to entice the power of your subconscious mind. Do this daily, reciting the question at least 40 times. Please be genuine about it. If you recite it without any degree of genuineness, your subconscious mind will know that this isn’t important to you, and so will ignore it. 

Whilst you’re performing the above instructions, play the file before you, through your laptop or phone speakers. 

The energies contained within will attempt to align the resources of your brain (both hemispheres) and body intelligence (bringing the consciousness of all of your cells to attention). 

See this file as a tool that takes a simple process you’re engaging in, and connects all of the energies that are needed to give you the best chance of bringing this goal to fruition. 

I have also created an advanced version, which adds a number of layers to this tool. 

The advanced version contains the same amount of energy as the Youtube version, however, adds the following to the process:

  1. Our astral disruption technique, which disrupts the energy of the status quo. Just as we loosen the soil before we set out to plant something new into the ground, this technique loosens the dense energies of your present state. 
  2. A field of energy that temporarily weakens all of the resistance to the statement you’re reciting. This is an extremely important addition. We’re attempting to weaken the resistance created by karma, the planets, and the forces that keep us restricted in the human state. This weakening of resistance will last only about 15 minutes or so. Long enough for you to complete your 40 repetitions.
  3. An energy weaving technique used to weave the field of energy that represents the sum of 2 million US dollars into your vibration. 
  4. Using the same energy weaving technique to weave the same field of energy of the 2 million dollars, into the energy body of the time period that exists from this present moment till the end of the year 2022. This time period is unique to each person. 

We’re fairly excited about this file, as if this works, the possibilities are endless. All of the techniques used in this file, have been used by us, individually, for decades, with great success. We’re hoping that together, plus some self effort, we can convince the subconscious to act on our behalf to create this reality for us. 


Find a quiet place, where you won’t be disturbed for 10 – 15 minutes. 

Spend a couple of minutes calming your mind. You can stand or sit, ensuring the speakers you’ll play this file through, will be close by. 

Play this file at a comfortable volume. 

As the file plays, recite the following, genuinely questioning your entire vibration, what it would take for this to happen…

“What would it take for me to easily and safely create the sum equivalent to 2 million US dollars, in, or before, the year 2022, without causing any harm to anyone, and everything in the way of this, clear, cancel and delete across all time, space, dimensions, lifetimes and realities.”

Recite this statement at least 40 times. 

You can play this file twice, during the process, but, try not to play it excessively. 

When done, spend a few moments thinking about how this would be possible. Consider ways you can create this amount of wealth. Then, go about your day. 

For the next 14 or so months, remain observant of signs and signals you receive from your subconscious mind. It will initially search for an answer to this question, then begin taking you down pathways towards an answer / solution. 

Don’t expect a lotto win, focus more on self effort. The chances of success are always higher this way. 

Deep within yourself, you might feel a growing discomfort, as you continue using this file. 

This discomfort is the feeling of something not being quite right. This is your subconscious feeling the void, i.e, the 2 million is lacking in your present existence, creating a driving force, a need, to create the 2 million to bring about balance. 

Try and engage in this practice once a day. It’s okay to miss a day in between, but if your desire truly exists, I’m sure you won’t. 

You may perform this little exercise any time of day.

I wish you the very best!

The advanced version is available in our site store.


This is an experimental file, where we’re utilising techniques to empower the subconscious mind to create this wealth for us, in a set period of time. This is not a guarantee that all who use this file will automatically create the sum of 2 million dollars.

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