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Powerful Wealth Mantras and Wealth Techniques
Spiritual Techniques

12 Intensely Powerful Practices For Money: Mantras, Incantations, Buddhist Chants, Yantras (Sigils), Talisman, Kubera Mudra, and Frequency

It is said in the scriptures that wherever there is a lotus, there resides the Goddess of Wealth – the divine, Mother Laxmi.

Money at its core is energy, and all energy can be evoked, repelled, or more importantly, attracted. 

Lets face it, we live in the material world, and without money, not much of life is possible. 

The mantras, incantations, chants, mudras, yantras, and talisman below are all tried and tested. 

What you see listed here are insanely powerful and are the best there is according to my own experiences over the last two decades. 

Each one has been tested over a period of time. The metrics used include the level of energy released, the vibration evoked, simplicity of use, and the speed at which they begin to work for you.

All of the techniques listed can be used by everyone, of any religious belief and background, and is completely safe to use. 

Benefits of using the Wealth Mantra practices

From wealth, flows positive energies, ideas and opportunities. The benefits of using the techniques in this article offers are (partial list):

  • Dramatically raises your vibration and that of your environment to higher levels.
  • Opens energy doorways and avenues via which wealth can flow. 
  • Works on influencing the mental and emotional level to make manifestation easier. 
  • Removes blockages you have built up to the flow of wealth, including mental limitations  like belief systems. 
  • Regular use, brings about abundance, inclusive of good health and great relationships. 
  • If you’re in a job, your presence and work will begin to be recognised. Business people will find more orders / contracts / opportunities and doors opening. 
  • Provide peace of mind, and possibly better sleep as a result.
  • Their use compounds the effects of positive energy.
  • Counters worry, fear and anxiety caused by monetary problems. 

How to make wealth mantras work for you?

Wealth can mean many things, one of which is money. 

Where we fail in attracting or manifesting money is in failing to realise that what we’re actually desiring is ‘currency’, not money. 

Money was the gold backed standard. Fiat currency, is what we would call consideration exchange backed by many of the world’s governments today. 

I’m talking about the US dollar, Australian dollar, the British pounds, and the like. 

This is what we’re really wanting to manifest – currency.

In-order to manifest our desire, it helps to understand the process a little bit. A major player in the process is our subconscious mind. 

The language of the subconscious is feeling, backed by visualisation. And feeling is really only possible, when vibration is present. 

If we can vibrate to the frequency of our desire(currency), we can manifest it easily. 

Chanting wealth mantras creates the vibration, however, manifestation happens when we consciously do something with that vibration. 

Often, our conscious action is thoughts or affirmations involving the word ‘money’. This is where we go wrong. 

Our subconscious understands the difference between money and currency, and hence waits for a moment when it can manifest money for us. 

We know all too well that this won’t happen until the world returns to a gold backed standard. Not likely to happen anytime soon. 

So, how do we remedy this?

By creating a simple dictionary that defines, for the subconscious mind, the meaning we assign the words we use. 

I have a ‘Dear Subconscious Mind’ letter sitting in my documents folder on my computer. 

Subconscious mind

This letter outlines clear definitions to about a dozen keywords that I use regularly. 

For example, Money is to mean currency in Australian dollars. I go further to mean that money means the dollar amount sitting in my bank account, after tax has been paid. 

So, if I say I am manifesting money, and define an amount, let’s say $100,000, my subconscious will know that I mean the final, after tax dollar(AUD) amount as already received and sitting in my bank account. 

What does this do? It re-establishes the morphic field that our subconscious uses to deliver what we want. 

Draft this letter, read it to yourself a couple of times, then command that your subconscious mind refers back to these definitions whenever you repeat or think of those words. 

This may seem simple and ridiculous, but what’s important is that it works. 

1. Mantra for the attainment of wealth

Om Shreeng Wealth Mantra

Om Shreeng

Om Shreeng is the higher frequency, or higher self form of the ‘Om Shreem’ mantra. 

Where ‘Om Shreem’ may require thousands of chants to build up to sufficient energy, the higher form ‘Om Shreeng’ begins working quickly, with more intensity of energy. 

The best way to use this mantra for wealth is to vibrate the mantra three times into each of the seven major chakras. 

I personally add two more chakras to the mix – the Earth chakra, which sits about three feet below our physical body, and the soul star chakra, which is about twelve inches above our physical head. 

The whole process can be complete in 10 minutes. 

Find yourself a nice quiet spot somewhere that brings you peace. This could be in your bedroom, a park, by the beach, or sitting in your lounge room. 

I’ve even performed this meditation sitting in my car. 

Just make sure you’re not disturbed for about 10 minutes.

Spend the first few minutes taking deep slow breaths. You’re trying to slow down the mind and relax the body. 

When you’re ready, close your eyes, shift your focus to a point about three feet below you. This is where the Earth chakra is. 

Take in a deep breath, and then, as you breathe out, vibrate ‘Om Shreeng, Shreeng, Shreeng’. 

Try and drag out each ‘Shreeng’ for about 6 seconds. 

Perform this exercise as if you’re vibrating the energy of the mantra into the chakra. 

Then, move your focus to the next chakra up, which would be the root chakra and repeat the process. 

Continue shifting your focus to each chakra up and repeat the process. Do so until you get to the ‘Soul Star’ chakra, which comes after the ‘Crown’ chakra. 

Here is a picture of where the chakras are located. Add the Earth chakra at the bottom, and the Soul Star above.

7 Chakra System

2. Buddhist Chant for Wealth

Buddhist Mantra for Wealth

Namu Myoho Renge Kyo

Pronounced: Naamo Myo-Ho Ren-Ge Ky-O

A Nichiren Buddhist mantra that means “Glory to the Dharma of the Lotus Sutra”.

Nichiren Buddhism considers this mantra to be the vibration that permeates the universe, the ultimate truth and the ultimate law. 

Chanting this mantra can lead one to realisation that is referred to as Buddha wisdom. 

Regularly chanting this mantra dramatically raises your vibration, which rapidly removes hardships, pain and all other forms of suffering. 

Plus, it leads to some really cool manifesting powers, especially when it comes to creating wealth related opportunities. 

This will improve prospects, improve your health, relationships, and your financial well being. 

Chant this mantra daily for anywhere between 5 – 10 minutes. 

3. Powerful Incantation for Wealth

Wealth Incantation derived from the Akashic Records and the Astral Realm

‘Kraang! Oosu! Sesta! Mikull! Raang Namahey Itzculo Raaksha-sha Mengtu’

Pronounced: ‘Krung, Ooo Sue, Sess Ta, My Kull, Rung, Nama Hey, Its Cool O, Ruck Sha Sha, Mang To’.

This is a powerful incantation that you will not find anywhere else on the internet. It is something I obtained during an astral journey. 

This incantation vibrates wealth, more specifically currency. 

Vibrate each word of this incantation for 3 – 5 seconds. 

Repeat this incantation 9 or 21 times, or continue to vibrate this incantation for between 5 – 10 minutes each day. 

There are no hard rules to its use. Each time you vibrate the incantation, the vibration of currency flows into your vibration. 

It helps to visualise your desire or use afformations straight after vibrating this incantation. 

4. Mantra for Wealth and Prosperity

Golden Ganesha for Wealth

Om Lakshmi Ganapataye Namaha

Pronounced: Om Luck-Shmee Gunner-Paat-Are-Yey Nummer-Ha

This is a simple mantra technique, specifically for wealth and prosperity in life. 

It combines the energies of the remover of obstacles – Lord Ganesha, and the Goddess of Wealth – Goddess Laxmi. 

The powers of this mantra will remove blockages in your life with an unrivaled force, clearing the pathway for the flow of wealth. 

Chant this mantra whilst meditating upon the above golden form of Ganesha. 

You may chant 21 or 108 times per session, either daily, or at least a few times week. 

Once complete, either mentally or verbally ask the divine forces to bring into manifestation your desire. 

If you have a decent ability to visualise, whilst chanting this mantra, visualise a golden form of Ganesha sitting in front of you.

As you continue chanting, visualise the golden light around Ganesha expanding outwardly, to a point where it engulfs you. 

Bask in both the light and the feeling it brings for as long as you possibly can. 

Then, open your eyes and go about your day, knowing that you vibrate within the divine, and hence, you’re in the void where manifestation happens without resistance. 

5. Kubera Mudra for Wealth and Success

Kubera Mudra

Whatever one desires can be obtained through the use of this powerful mudra, including wealth. 

The mudra requires the use of all five fingers on both hands. 

The Process:

Sit comfortably keeping your spine straight. 

Join the tips of your thumb, middle and forefingers, and bend your ring and little fingers into your palm. 

Do this on both hands. 

Now, close your eyes and visualise what you desire as if it has already come to pass. 

It does not matter if you’re able to vividly visualise. As long as you can day dream it, you’re good. 

Hold this mudra for a minimum of five(5) minutes, longer if possible. 

If you’re a serious manifestor, try holding this hand posture for about 15 minutes. 

This mudra combines the elements of fire, air and space, and regulates water and earth. 

Continue utilising this mudra daily until the object of your desire has come to pass, then repeat this process for your next desire. 

6. Powerful Yantra (Sigil) for Wealth

A yantra literally means a machine or contraption. It is a visual diagram, representation or vehicle of pure energy, usually connected to a deity. 

This yantra is dedicated to the Goddess of Wealth, and using it activates potent wealth energies into the life of anyone who creates and keeps this yantra in their possession. 

This yantra is simple, both in creation and use, yet so very powerful. 

Draw this yantra on a piece of plain white paper using any colour ink. 

Size is not important. It needs to be large or small enough to fit into your purse or wallet. 

Once created, keep this in your wallet or purse, where you keep your money. 

When you’re meditating for wealth, I suggest you hold this yantra in your left hand – your receiving hand. 

Those of you that are sensitive to energy, you may feel this yantra vibrating in your hand. 

That’s it. It’s all you have to do. The Wealth Yantra and it’s subtle energies will begin working immediately. 

7. Powerful Mantra to establish the presence of the Goddess of Wealth in your home

“Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Laxmi Rachagachha Mama Mandire Tistha-Tistha Swaha”

Pronounced: “Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Luck-Shmee, Raa-Cha Gaa-Cha, Ma Ma, Maan Dee Ray, Tish Ta, Tish Ta, Swaa-ha”.

This mantra for wealth belongs to the Goddess of Wealth in Hinduism – Goddess Laxmi. 

This mantra is for anyone who seeks success in business, particularly for financial prosperity. 

Its use is not limited to Hindus. Anyone can reap its benefits. Focus on the vibration achieved.

It is stated in the scriptures that Goddess Laxmi said to Maha Rishi Vasistha:

“I am pleased by this mantra, and if anyone recites this mantra even once, I will establish myself in their home”.

This mantra removes even the most stubborn of blocks to business growth and prosperity. 

One needs to recite this mantra a total of 108 times each day, for eleven(11) straight days. 

It is preferable that you recite this mantra at a set time each day, and remain vegetarian until you complete the 108 recitations for the day. 

On completion of the 11 day process, you may recite this mantra 9 times daily to continue benefiting from it’s vibration.

This mantra is known to be unfailing for anyone who genuinely seeks business growth and success. 

8. Powerful Talisman for success in all efforts

This is a simple, powerful, all purpose talisman. It has been tried and tested. 

The talisman works to fulfill all of the hopes, desires and ambitions the creator has, just by keeping this in their possession. 

What you require is a clear sheet of white paper, about 4 inches by 4 inches in size, and a red pen. 

Draw out the diagram, as you see above, using your red pen. 

Then, keep it with you. You may consider having it laminated, if not, you can always create another one if this one spoils. 

Once you create this talisman, you may find that there exists an unseen power that begins to help you in all of your endeavours. 

Tasks become easier to achieve. 

Good things begin to happen. 

People begin to help you succeed in all that you aspire to achieve.

9. Kundalini Chant for Wealth and Manifestation

Kundalini Shakti For Wealth Generation


Our Kundalini shakti, that sits at the base of our spine, represents the divine feminine power of creation. 

We can utilise a simple technique that taps into this power. 

This powerful technique won’t raise your kundalini, but will awaken it enough to manifest whatever you desire, including wealth. 

Here, we use the word ‘Kundalini’ as a mantra. 

Just as we call out someone’s name in order to get their attention, similarly, we chant ‘Kundalini’ to awaken the consciousness of this latent infinite power, and get her attention.

You can perform this technique either sitting or lying down, making sure your spine remains straight. 

If lying down, lay on your back with a pillow or cushion under your knees, and no pillow under your neck. This will ensure your spine is straight. 

Now, close your eyes, take a few slow deep breaths and focus your mind onto your coccyx, at the base of your spine. 

Right at that spot, picture an orb of golden light, about the size of a 20 cent coin, growing in intensity like a blazing sun.

If you can’t visualise it, just imagine the presence of an energy orb in that area. 

Now, begin chanting the word ‘Kundalini’, over and over again. Continue doing so for about 5 minutes. 

You may begin to feel a slight pressure build up in that area. If you don’t feel anything, not to worry. Continue chanting. 

After about 5 minutes, stop chanting, sit or lay quietly for about a minute. 

Then, speak the following words…

‘Dear Kundalini, in the name of source, I ask you to bring into manifestation_______________, so mote it be’.

In place of the blank, speak to the Kundalini shakti, in your own words, whatever you desire. 

Whenever you feel you’re done, get up and go about your day or night. 

I would recommend you practice this technique daily or at least regularly until your desire comes to pass. 

I tend to practice this method at night, right before I fall off to sleep. 

With prolonged use, mixed with other spiritual practices, like Kriya Yoga, your Kundalini Shakti may begin to rise. 

10. Arigato your money

I recently came across the creator of Mindvalley speaking about a Japanese technique, discovered by Ken Honda, that is a simple extension to being in gratitude. 

It’s called ‘Arigato your money’.

For those who aren’t familiar with this term, ‘arigato’ in Japanese translates to ‘thank you’. 

In short, the technique is saying thank you everytime you receive money, or use it to purchase something. 

Here, you’re acknowledging the consciousness of the currency, and being thankful for its role in the experience you just had. 

For example, say thank you in any language you prefer when you hand over money buying a coffee, or paying for groceries at the store.

Without money, those experiences would not be possible. So, say thank you to its energy. 

If you can extend that thank you to include truly feeling the ‘gratitude’ of having that money, to be able to buy those things, it will supercharge the positive response from the universe. 

Here are a few ideas. Say ‘arigato’, or ‘thank you’ when:

  • You’re paying a bill, paying rent, or making a mortgage payment. If your mortgage payments are automatic, remember the day it is to be deducted from your bank account, think of the actual payment and say ‘thank you’ to the money. Without it, you would not have utilities or a roof over your head. 
  • Buying anything at a store. Feel the ‘thank you’ when you’re in the act of handing over cash or using a debit or credit card. 
  • Say ‘thank you’ each time you receive money, including on payday, when receiving a monetary gift, or equivalent. Welcome it into your bank account and your life. 
  • You can go further to ‘arigato’ the means by which you receive money, including your job, business, returns on investments, and the people via whom you’re able to compound your monetary returns. 

This is such a simple technique to implement in your life, and yet, the benefits may be greater than any mantra that you may ever use. 

11. Afformations for Wealth

Afformations For Wealth

You may be familiar with affirmations, but afformations might be completely new to you. 

Affirmations are more ‘I am’ statements that affirm to your subconscious that something ‘already is’ in existence. 

The problem with affirmations is that is can be a bit of a ‘hit or a miss’ technique. 

Why? Because the success of affirmations depend entirely on what resistance you have built up over the years. 

It takes an immense amount of energy or constant repetitions of your affirmation over a period of time to cut through that resistance and bring into manifestation, that which you desire. 

Most people give up before they see any progress from this method. 

Afformations, on the other hand, by pass your subconscious mind’s natural processes, and avoid the need to measure against the bank of resistance you have stored in your subconscious.

So, instead of ‘I am’ statements, we ask questions. 

I call this the ‘short circuit’ method. By using ‘questions’, as opposed to statements, we cause a short circuit in our subconscious mind. 

So, when we ask questions, instead of putting up a reason why your statement is incorrect, the subconscious goes on a search to find the answer to your question. 

And, in doing so, finds the perfect solution for your predicament. 

For example, you want to generate $10,000 every month. If you recite “I am making $10,000 every single month”, there is high chance that your subconscious will ignore you. 

That’s because you consciously know that you’re not making $10,000 each month, and you possibly have no avenue to create that kind of money. 

Now try ‘Why am I now so easily making $10,000 every month?’. 

First of all, you may recognise that there is no negative emotional response to the question. 

Further, you’ve passed the onus of deliverance onto the universe and set your subconscious off on a journey to discover the ‘why’, and in doing so, will find the avenues through which the wealth will flow. 

If you understand how vibration works, and that the universe is constantly reacting to your vibration, then it will make sense, if I say, that what the subconscious is doing here, is attempting to match your vibration to that of whatever follows the ‘why’ in your question. 

Want to discover this method more in-depth?

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Examples of afformation statements…

  • ‘Why is money so easily flowing to me now?’
  • ‘Why am I so successful in everything I do?’
  • ‘How am I so easily earning 100K every year?’
  • ‘Why am I constantly being promoted to higher paying positions?’

The potential is limitless. 

A few guidelines to help you in your journey:

  • Keep your questions and desires simple. 
  • Build up from smaller desires to the bigger ones. This will help you believe that this simple method can work miracles. 
  • Stick to one afformation at a time. Helps to keep you focused. You may find that results present themselves in minutes, hours or days. 
  • Spend between 5 – 10 minutes a day contemplating your question, out aloud if possible.  I personally recite them 108 times. 

12. Energy / Frequency / Subliminal File for Wealth

Here is an audio file you can listen to daily.

This file uses multiple technologies to establish the vibration of money firmly within the energy signature you ping out to the universe. The universe then responds in kind.

This protocol utilises frequencies, activates planetary influences and a morphogenic field, i.e. a field of information that contains instruction for nature to be a certain.

Nature includes you and the experiences you have.

Listen to this potent wealth file a few times throughout the day.

Use headphones


In conclusion, the above practices are all powerful techniques for wealth in their own right. The key ingredient that is missing between where you are, the use and power of these techniques, and in you living your desire, is your own effort.

Take time out daily to apply some, if not all, the techniques listed in this article.

Not trying will be your greatest failure.

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