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Spiritual Techniques

How to spiritually cleanse a house? 8 Simple and Powerful ways to rapidly clear negative energy from your home

We’re always at the mercy of negative and low vibrational frequencies entering into our spaces all of the time. Regardless of how they penetrate our spaces, engaging in regular practices to remove these energies goes a long way in restoring harmony, and bringing into balance our mind and body.

1. Salt

Salt is great for absorbing energies, especially negative energy. 

Pour a few tablespoons of regular salt(the cheap stuff) in a bowl and place it in a convenient place in a room, preferably in the centre. 

If it is your bedroom, and you have space under the bed, place it under the bed. 

If it’s a large room, consider using multiple bowls of salt. 

Place similar bowls of salt in every room of the house.

Leave it there for 24 – 48hrs, then discard the salt in the sink. Use a sink that you use often. This way, the salt will dissolve in the water and run off the property completely.

Alternatively, if using multiple bowls of salt, flush it all down the toilet. This will ensure less water wastage, and at the same time, ensure the negative energy exits the property through the sewerage system.

Note. Make sure to wash the bowls properly before re-using them. You don’t want any of the negative energies lingering. 

You can repeat this process in any room on a regular basis, especially your bedroom. As you sleep overnight, the salt will absorb all negative energies attached to you, in all of your subtle bodies, and   the energies in all of the objects in that space. 

Possible Uses:

  • Place under the bed in your children’s room if they are having bad dreams. Ensure that it is kept out of their reach. You do not want children to touch or consume that salt.
  • Place under the bed of a person that is sick or suffering from mental anguish. 
  • Place a bowl in the four corners of the house if you have recently moved in. It will absorb the energies of the previous owners. 
  • Place a small bowl in a desk draw or under your table at work. This will absorb the negative energies at work. 
  • Before you embark on a long trip in your car, place a small bowl of salt in your car for 24hrs. Remember to discard this salt before you begin your trip. This will remove any negative energies  and ensure you have a safe trip.

2. Lime

Similar to salt, lime has tremendous spiritual properties. 

Turn a lime onto it’s side so an end is facing up. 

Now, slice into the lime, only about half way. Turn the lime 90 degrees and slice into it again half way. 

This will look as if a cross has been cut into it. 

Now fill the cut with either salt, turmeric powder, or both. Be generous with the amount you use.

Place this lime into a small bowl and place somewhere near the centre of your home or main living areas. 

Leave this lime in place for a minimum of 24 hours, then discard, preferably outside of your property. 

Try not to touch the lime directly when discarding, otherwise you’ll end up onboarding some of that negative energy onto yourself. 

Using lime in this way, will remove negative energy, inclusive of negative entities, from your entire house, including the walls and other inanimate objects. 

You can repeat this process monthly, or whenever you feel burdened by negative energy in your home. 

3. Sage

The herb, sage, is possibly the most well known and most commonly used in the western world for smudging.

What is the best sage for cleansing?

There are many varieties of sage used for smudging. Each one has its own benefits. White sage, however, is the most commonly used, primarily for it’s purity and the heaviness of it’s energetic presence. 

How to smudge using sage? 

Smudging is an easy process. 

  1. Get yourself a medium sized ceramic bowl. 
  2. Place some sand or dirt into the bowl. This is so the bowl won’t overheat when the sage burns, plus, when you get rid of the sand, the negative energies absorbed into it will also be dispelled. 
  3. Place the dried sage in the middle of the bowl. 
  4. Before you light the sage, open all of the doors and windows in the house. This will ensure there is a flow of air and energy, and also an outlet for the negative energies. If you are sensitive to energy, you may feel the negative energies being pulled out and released as you smudge. 
  5. You will be walking the burning sage from the furthest back point of the house, and moving towards the front. This way, all negative energy will be pushed out in one direction. 
  6. Find the furthest most back of the house, and stand facing towards the front of the house. 
  7. Light the sage using a match or lighter. 
  8. Walk around each room, moving in an anti-clockwise direction, making sure that the smoke from the burning sage goes into all corners, objects and furniture in that space. This will dislodge and release and negative energies absorbed by these items. You can use your free hand to fan the smoke into hard to reach areas. 
  9. When done, move into the next room, making sure that as you exit the room, you remember to smudge the door and handles. 
  10. When you’ve completed all of the rooms and living spaces in the house, take the bowl of burning sage and place it outside your front door. This will cleanse the spaces in and around the front door. 

The front door is the primary entry to everything good in our homes. When this space is polluted by negative energies, it can cause havoc in our lives. 

Once the sage has completely burnt out, discard the contents of the bowl, wash it properly and place it away for next time. 

That’s it, you’re done! 

4. Sambrani, Copal, or Loban

Similar to sage, one can use sambrani. 

Sambrani is a benzoin resin, produced from the bark of the Genus Styrax species of trees. It has uses in medicine, fragrances, and incense. 

When burned, it releases a fragrance that rapidly induces peace, tranquility, and calms the nerves. 

Additionally, the smoke has the effect of clearing negative energies, entities, thought patterns, etc, with extreme prejudice. 

Follow the exact same steps as outlines above for Sage. 

You should be easily able to find Sambrani being sold in Asian, Indian and Arabic stores.

They come in powdered form, small cup like structures that you can burn, incense, as well as in resin form. 

5. Vibrations

Everything is ultimately energy, vibrating at different frequencies. If we want to change something, we simply cause a shift in its vibration. 

So, in order to clear out the negative energies or entities in our space, we just need to introduce a higher vibration. 

We have a number of formulations in our Youtube Channel, which are freely available for download on this site, which you can play to clear out the negative energies in your spaces. 

Five files, in particular, are highly recommended for use. Play any one, or all five of these files, at least once a day, or at the very least, once every week, to ensure your space is always at it’s highest vibration. 

1. ‘When Nothing Else Works’

You can read more about it here: 


This energy is the penance energy of a lineage of Yogis. It is extremely high vibration. Playing this just once, will disperse negative energies instantly. 

You can go further, by asking the energies in this file to clear your home of all negative energies and entities. Then, ask the energies to place a shield around your home, and protections at all entrances, including doors and windows. 

It is good practice to repeat this process at least once a week or month. 

2. The ‘Hanuman Chalisa’

You can read more about it here:


There will be further explanation about this in the below ‘mantra’ section. 

3. ‘Gayatri Mantra’

You can read more about it here:


This Vedic mantra is one of the most pure and highest vibrations in this universe. Playing this in your home will rapidly raise it’s vibration, ensuring that anything of a lower vibration, won’t be able to remain.

4. Use our ‘Remove All Negative Energies’ file

You can read more about it here:


This will clear everything, including black magic and curses. 

5. ‘Energy Signature of Source’

You can read more about it here:


When played with speakers, this file will raise everything this energy falls upon, to the higher vibration of Source itself. 

6. Mantras

There are numerous powerful mantras, in all the major religions of the world, that are powerful, and can rapidly cleanse any space of negative energies. 

I’m only sharing a couple simple mantras below that can be used by everyone. 

Buddhist Mantra for Cleansing: Om VajraSattva Hum. 

Pronounced: Om Vuj Ra Sutt Va Hum.

This is a Buddhist tantric mantra, that manifests the Buddha Conquerer Vajradhara – the greatest healer, but more importantly, purifier in Buddhist traditions. 

Chanting this mantra will rapidly cleanse the room / home, everything and everyone in it, of all negative energies, attachments, entities, etc. 

This mantra is completely safe to use by the novice, or a non buddhist. 

Recite or Play the Hanuman Chalisa

Contained within the 40 verses of the Hanuman Chalisa is one particular verse, which when recited, evokes the protection blessings of Lord Hanuman. 

“Aapan Tej Samharo Aapei,

Tinu Lok Hank Te Kansai

Bhoot Pisaach Nikat Nahi Ave

Mahabir Jab Naam Sunavei”

Translated, this means:

‘When you roar, all the three worlds tremble, and only you can control your might. Evil spirits cannot come near or harm your devotees, Lord Mahavir, who chants your name”.

One does not need to be a devotee of Lord Hanuman, simply playing the Hanuman Chalisa in your home is enough to clear the energies of everything negative or evil. 

You can learn more about the Hanuman Chalisa or download the energised audio MP3, which you can play on speakers in your home, which will perform the clearing for you. 


7. Camphor + coconut ritual

The camphor and coconut ritual is fairly simple, but extremely powerful, which one can perform to cleanse their home and property of all negative energies, including negative and evil entities. 

The splitting of a coconut, in the spiritual sense, is similar to splitting an atom. It releases a tremendous amount of energy. When the coconut is smashed, it causes an energy explosion that ripples outwardly, clearing the energies like a nuclear bomb levelling the place. 

Items required:

  • 1 coconut. 
  • 5 small pieces of camphor. 
  • Matches or a lighter. 

The ritual involves you placing four small pieces of camphor, at the four corners of your house (Outside), or the actual property. 

Note. Make sure there isn’t anything at those places that can catch on fire. You can use bricks or pavers, or any other item to ensure that the burning camphor doesn’t light anything else on fire. 

You will light the camphor on the front right of the property or house, then move in a clockwise direction to light the piece in the next corner of the house or property, until you come back to the front left of the house or property. 

Then, stand in front of your front door, or driveway / property, facing towards the house. 

On a brick or paver, place the 5th piece of camphor. If possible, you may place the 5th camphor directly on top of the coconut itself, as seen in the picture above. 

Now, light this piece of camphor, and whilst holding the coconut in your hands, say a little prayer to the name of God you pray to. This can be God, Christ, Allah, Krishna, Buddha, or just plain the ‘Source of All’. It does not matter. Ultimately, we’re all one when we get to source. 

The prayer can be something like:

“Dear Source, I ask you to clear this house / property, and everything within, of all negative energies and entities. I ask you to raise the vibration of this place to that of the divine”.

Then, whilst the camphor is still lit, smash the coconut on the ground, like you would throwing a water balloon on the ground to smash it. 

Note. You can smash the coconut on a brick or rock instead of smashing it directly on the ground, to ensure nothing gets damaged. You also want to take note that there are no windows, or anything that can break nearby, just incase the coconut pieces fly towards it. 

Naturally, the coconut smashing on the ground will make a sound. You can gauge from the intensity of the sound, how heavy or negative the energy was in your house or property. 

That is it. 

It does sound more involved than it actually is. From start to finish, you can complete this process in under 5 minutes. 

You should feel a lightness right away. The energy in the house should feel much lighter and more vibrant. 

Perform this little ritual at least once a month, or whenever you feel a cleansing is needed. 

8. Sprinkle Holy Water or Turmeric Water 

For those that can obtain holy water, and have no issues in using it, get some from a trusted Church, and sprinkle the water around your home, ensuring that you sprinkle water on all items in your home. 

The prayers infused in holy water are of high vibration. 

An alternative to holy water is using water mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder.

Turmeric, is a spice, which is widely used in Asian cuisine, the world over. In addition to edible uses, turmeric has a powerful spiritual purifying property. 

In Buddhism and Hinduism, turmeric is powerfully symbolic of purity, and hence widely used in religious ceremonial practices, especially in bathing images and idols, to purify them of all negative energies. 

It is also standard practice to bathe with turmeric water to purify oneself. I have personally energy tested this, and have found it to be immensely powerful. 

Similarly, we can use turmeric water to purify our homes and spaces. 

Take a pinch of turmeric powder and mix it with enough water to sprinkle around your home. Start at the back of the property, sprinkling the water in all spaces and items within, until you reach outside your front door. 

NOTE. Please use only a pinch of turmeric in your bowl of water, ensuring that the turmeric won’t stain any of your items that you sprinkle water on.

It is highly recommended that you also sprinkle this water in your back and front yards. It will purify your entire property. 

You may do this once a week, month, or whenever you feel a buildup of negative energies. 

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