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Spiritual Techniques

The Flow Field (Materialisation)

This protocol is replicating an observation I’ve been making, when visualising the structure of energy in fields of energy that materialise into matter. 

By materialisation of matter, I’m talking about fields that establish changes to physical structure, like our physique, material matter, the materialisation of wealth and wealth equivalents, etc. So, essentially, anything that can become a material reality in our lives. 

So, what I see is the subtle existence of another energy, which isn’t part of the energy field of the actual matter. 

The energy is so subtle, that I am unsure of whether this is a separate field of energy or something else.

Luckily, like all energy, this too is conscious, and so we can engage with it. 

I wasn’t able to communicate with it consciously, so, I meditated on the energy for a while. 

The response I received was “I am the flow”, hence I named my replication of the energy signature, the ‘Flow Field’. 

My understanding is that this energy acts as a carrier or channel, between the field of energy that is source energy of material manifest, and the fabric of the material universe. 

In other words, this is the carrier energy between the fabric of the material universe and the universe un-manifest. 

So, I’ve taken the energy signature of the carrier energy, and created an energy field out of it. Because the energy is so subtle, I’ve had to ramp up the power significantly. 

For this reason, I ask that anyone who uses this file to meditate with it 2 – 3 times per session. 

Do not loop this file, as this is so much more intense than its natural state. Which means, that if you loop it, you run the risk of getting a headache from it. 

I am extremely sensitive to energy, so I can usually only handle this file playing once or twice. 

Play this file, meditate with it, communicate with it, see if you can utilise it in your manifestation rituals, etc. 

I am looking forward to reading your experiences with this energy field. 

For those of you more advanced in your Spiritual journey, attempt to communicate with the energy and see what responses you receive. 

An advanced version is available for purchase. I am setting the price of it at $1. The advanced version amplify’s the intelligence of the energy. The energy is more intense, without it being intrusive. Again, I suggest meditating to this file just once per session. 

I plan to meditate with this file daily for three months and see what we can manifest with its use. I suggest using this with a vision board, or visuals of things you desire become a part of your reality. 

All the best!

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