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Healing Frequencies

Height Growth Protocol

This is a simple protocol that mimics the body’s own growth processes, including increasing HGH release. This is as natural as It can get. 

Note. We still recommend adding the use of our stand alone HGH file to significantly increase effects. 

This file has been designed to be used by both men and women, of any age. Naturally, it is easier to grow taller at a younger age, however, with continued use, those with fused growth plates should still get results. 

Our advanced version comes with two files. One of those files works to reopen growth plates at any age. 

There is nothing more to explain about the file. 

You need to combine the use of this file with daily stretches, possibly practicing a little yoga (Surya Namaskar), eating a balanced diet that includes some essential fatty acids, protein, vitamin D and calcium, and get plenty of sleep each night. 

I highly recommend stretching your back and legs for at least 10 minutes every morning, and each evening before you sleep. 

I encourage you to measure your ideal height against a wall in your bedroom or somewhere in your home. Then, stand on something that will allow you to be standing at your desired height. 

I want you to observe what your surrounds, and the rest of the world looks and feels like from that height. 

Spend some time observing, breathing in the air up there, anchoring the feeling deep within yourself. 

Consider how your feelings for yourself changes at your desired height. 

Then, close your eyes and visualise your body grown to that height, without the stool or ladder you’re standing on. 

Talk to your subconscious mind, and the consciousness of your body, telling it that you wish for it to growth to your desired height (name the height here, e.g 5’10”). 

You may play this file whilst you’re engaging in the above practice. I recommend doing this every few days or so. 

I highly recommend reciting afformations whilst listening to this file. Something along the lines of:

“How has my body so quickly grown to 5 foot 10 inches in height?”

Like all of my files, the energies are highly intuitive. The more you engage with it, the better your results. 

This protocol utilises our subtle delivery method, hence, our recommendation is listening to this file up to 6 times a day. It is a good idea to break it up to 3 times in the morning, and 3 times in the evening.

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