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Spiritual Techniques

Inner Journey – Discover Yourself

We’ve experienced the vibrations and energy signatures of Source and the Universe, we’ve communed with the Higher Self, we’ve meditated on the ‘I AM’ vibration, and now, I’m releasing something a little different. 

This protocol allows you to meditate on your OWN journey, from the moment YOU, the Soul, separated from Source, till this very moment in your journey. 

This isn’t a simple regression file, although, you maybe able to consciously experience past lives with this file.

This protocol allows you to discover yourself, through the journeys the soul has taken over lifetimes. 

As you meditate with this file, you will be able to ask your Soul and the higher intelligence, why certain aspects of your life are the way they are. This goes beyond the karmic reasons for your birth. 

Here, we’re talking about how nature and nurture, from many lifetimes, are continuing to contribute to whom you are at this very moment. 

You will be able to discover what led to you becoming you, the way you are, and the reasons why you think and feel the way you do. 

There are no limitations placed on what you may discover about yourself, so the possibilities are limitless. 

Here is your chance to discover the dualistic aspect of your Soul’s existence, through its journeys. 

Simply meditate to the file being played at a comfortable volume. 

You can choose to simply meditate, and see what comes through, or engage with the energies and ask to be shown specific reasons for aspects of your life. 

This can include the connection you have with individuals in your life, or why you enjoy a particular hobby so much, or why you react the way you do to any external or internal stimuli, etc.

Again, I have placed no limitations on how you can use this file, so, let your inner scientist loose, and begin experimenting. 

I highly recommend you keep some paper and a pen close by, so you can write down your experiences and observations after your meditation sessions. 

Pay attention to everything from visions, random thoughts, feelings, emotions, rate of breathing, etc. 

Observe, observe, observe. The Soul has mysterious ways of revealing fragments of itself. 

We have an advanced version for serious practitioners. This dramatically increases the potency of the energy field we’re using, and certainly the intelligence of the energy. 

For those of you that are more spiritually advanced, you may be able to simply speak with the energy intelligence directly for answers. 

If you are not, you can speak to the energy and ask to be led to awareness. 

You may play the file a few times during your meditation session. It is okay for you to continue meditating after the file has completed playing. 

Enjoy your experiences. 

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