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Spiritual Techniques

100% Brain Activation | Unlimited Potential

The primary purpose of this file is to awaken 100% brain power. 

This formulation combines multiple protocols to activate and enhance various parts of the brain, its functions, and all of its potential. 

The file will work with the body’s own intelligence to regulate which parts of the brain is being activated and enhanced, at any given time. 

The beauty of this file is the inbuilt intelligence of the energies. The aim is to give the user the ability to work with the energies to activate or enhance specific abilities that the user is seeking. 

This includes everything from fluid intelligence, to increasing memory recall, processing power, increasing learning capabilities, using brain power to heal, remote view, etc. 

The potential is unlimited. 

And before anyone asks me if it can be used for……..the answer is YES! If what you’re seeking has to do anything to do with the brain, including increasing intelligence, then YES, this can help you achieve it. 

As you begin using this file, engage in entrainment exercises like dual n-back, speed reading, visualisation, remote viewing, problem solving, etc. 

Engage in the activities that pushes the boundaries of your brains present capacity. This may include increasing vocabulary, learn languages, do puzzles, learn new skills, learn music, do IQ tests, work on problem solving, etc. 

Again, there is no limit to what you can do with this file.                                                                                                                                                   

You do not have to engage in these activities whilst the file is playing. Do that at another time. 

I recommend that you consciously work with this file. Do not just play it in the background, as that would be wasting the potential of this file. 

Since this is energy targeting the brain directly, please increase your intake of water to 2 litres+, daily. We do not want to dehydrate the physical brain or body. Failing to heed this advice may lead to headaches. 

I also do not recommend looping or overusing this file. 

Use the Youtube version 2 – 3 times per session. No more than 2 sessions per day, ensuring you separate the sessions by many hours. 

For the serious practitioners, seeking to do some seriously advanced work with your brains, we have an advanced version that increases the capacity of what the energies can do by about 550%. 

The energy is more intense, allowing finer work on the enhancement you seek. I’ve also managed to dramatically increase the intelligence of the file, allowing you to work intimately with the energies to conduct more advanced experiments. 

During the energy testing phase, I’ve used this file to fine tune my remote viewing skills, as well as, dramatically increasing the conscious processing power of my brain. After listening a couple of times, I was easily able to hold a visual for over 68 seconds. 

One of our team members is an MD, who has noticed tremendous increases in his focus and capacity during long work shifts in the emergency ward. He also reports increased energy. 

Another one of our team members, is an amateur pianist, who now finds it much easier to learn and remember new pieces of music, in just a couple of days of listening. 

I recommend creating a plan of use. Write down what skills you want to enhance, and the exercises or activities you’re going to engage in, as the files lights up various parts of your brain. 

For those seeking overall brain activity, function and increased intelligence, specifically targeting IQ, I recommend listening to the file, whilst trying to visualise as vividly as you possibly can. 

Being able to engage in visualisation practice for 30 minutes, can deliver an increase in IQ, by 1 point. 

The advanced version is available for purchase in our store. 

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