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100% Brain Activation | Unlimited Potential (Advanced Version)




The advanced version of the 100% brain activation file increases the power and capacity of the energies by about 550%. we’ve also dramatically increased the intelligence of the energies.

This version is built for those that are seeking to do some seriously advanced brain work. The best way to explain the intelligence increase is to suggest that you can possibly engage in conscious surgery of the brain. This file will allow you to consciously activate any part of the brain, by shifting and holding your focus upon it.

Like all files, I encourage you to consciously engage with the energies within the file, by speaking with it verbally or mentally.

There are no limits to what levels of brain power one can achieve using this file.

Use the advanced file 1 – 2 times per day. Do not over do this file, as the brain is a fairly sensitive organ. Slowly build up use to one or two sessions of playing the file once or twice, per session.

Please increase the consumption of water when using this file.