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Spiritual Techniques

Hair Regrowth Phase 2 – Follicle Activation

This protocol is the second out of three phases, designed to stimulate hair regrowth on the scalp. 

This phase works to decalcify the scalp, remove DHT, and reactivate hair follicles.

We’re not concerned about the various stages of hair growth, as this protocol re-establishes the natural energy field of the regrowth process. 

This protocol is designed to be subtle, so you may feel slight tingling on your scalp or around the hair. 

We highly recommend that you massage your scalp 1 – 2 times weekly, using either coconut oil, castor oil, or mustard seed oil. 

You may listen to this file 2 – 6 times a day or so. 

Please use this file in conjunction with the first phase, plus, the third phase (releasing soon), which will supercharge the regrowth process. 

An advanced version is available that increases the power of the energy by about 800%. You may engage with intelligence of the energy in this version to target specific areas of the scalp. 

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