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Spiritual Techniques

Restore Committed Relationships (Romantic)

One of the most beautiful experiences one can have as a human being, is a connection with another soul, where you share a very unique bond, which allows you to not only experience the outer world, but also discover more depth to yourself. 

Every romantic relationship we have, is karmic in nature. It is this charged energy that we feel so drawn to. 

Ever wonder why you’re so drawn to your partner or your ex’s? 

Now you know! 

It is this charged energy, that propels us to experience deep love, deep joy, or deep sorrow. 

When you enter into a romantic relationship, you and your partner, begin contributing energy to what will become the energy body of the relationship. 

This energy body is separate from the two of you, but also energetically connected to you both, through your chakras. 

A healthy relationship is one where both parties in the relationship is equally contributing energy to the energy body of the relationship. 

Imbalances occur when one is more committed than the other, which causes the energy body to draw more energy from the committed person. 

This is when disputes arise. 

When a relationship breaks off, the yearning that one may feel, isn’t really that of the person themselves, but more of the energy body requiring energy to survive. 

This results in the energy body draining the connected person, which often time, leads that person to feel like they are yearning for, or dependant on the person who has left. 

What is actually happening is a yearning for balance, to have yourself back, which is being drained. 

When we disconnect from this energy body of the relationship, the energy itself merges back into cosmic energy, allowing the two parties to move on with their lives. 

This file is specifically created for those that are already in a committed relationship. 

This can be in a marriage, de-facto relationship, or just a relationship that has some level of commitment made to each other, by both parties. 

For whatever reason, if the relationship is travelling through some difficult times, this file will help you restore your relationship back to a happy state. 

I also recommend, that those that feel as if they are working harder in the relationship than your partner, also use this file to bring about balance in your relationship.

The protocols used in this formulation, work on multiple layers of both parties, including the mind, body, soul, and also the the energy body of the relationship. 

The primary focus here is on the energy body of the relationship, and the energetic cords that connect you both with it, and to each other. 

This energy body and all connections to both of you, will be thoroughly cleansed of all energetic impurities, including entities, thought forms, misunderstandings, and expectations.

The energies will work to bring about balance in your bond and connection. 

With continued use, one should experience an increase in understanding of yourselves, and your partner, as well as, increased love, joy and harmony in the relationship. 

The YouTube version should work for most relationships, however, if you have quite a challenging situation, we do have an advanced version, which will tremendously increase the power of the energy work done. 

Please be aware that a relationship is always at the mercy of the Soul’s karmic plan, hence we cannot guarantee that a relationship that is destined to end, will be revived. 

However, if your relationship is going through hard times for other reasons, this file will help you restore harmony back into your connection. 

This file is best used with our Ho’oponopono formulation. First, use that file to bring about love, forgiveness and acceptance into the fold. 

Then, allow this file to work on the energy body of the relationship. 

When playing this file, think about your significant other, focus on all of the good things about him/her, and the good times together. 

The energies will connect with them, through you and the energy body of the relationship. 

Listen to this file 3 – 5 times throughout the day. 

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