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Spiritual Techniques

Christ Consciousness

When we speak about ‘Christ Consciousness’, we’re not talking about the consciousness of another entity or being. Instead, we’re referring to another aspect of our own self. 

As we expand and grow spiritually, we have the potential of tuning into higher and higher levels of awareness of ‘self’. 

This protocol helps you to do exactly this. 

The protocol is designed to help you attune yourself to the dimension of your own Christ Consciousness. 

Best practice is to meditate with the file. Sit or lay quietly, with eyes closed, focusing briefly on your breathing. Let the mind clear on its own. 

You do not need to focus upon anything. Just be aware. Gradually, you will find this state of awareness expands.

With continued use, your mind, body and being will begin vibrating at the higher levels. 

Just like our brain entrains to different brainwave states, so too can our consciousness entrain to different levels of consciousness. 

Benefits range from higher levels of awareness, manifestation capabilities, and the healing of the mind and body. 

At higher levels of existence, manifestation and healing can happen through the power of thought. In short, your thoughts become more powerful. 

Before anyone asks, I mean your conscious thoughts – the ones you actively apply focus on, with intent. 

Never forget that you, and all aspects of yourself, are an essence of Source, and infinitely powerful. 

Meditate with this file a couple of times, when desired. 

For those more spiritually advanced, this dimension of Christ Consciousness can be a profound place of learning. 

There is an advanced version, where the energy field is more potent and conscious.

Happy journeys into higher levels of consciousness!

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