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Healing Frequencies

Rapidly Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is the process, via which the calories in the food or liquids we consume, gets converted into energy, by mixing with oxygen. 

This energy is what the body utilises to fuel all of its functions. 

The amount of calories the body burns to create this energy, is what is referred to as the basal metabolic rate.

There are many factors that determine a person’s metabolic rate. These include age, body composition, levels of exercise, etc.

This protocol establishes the energy field of a faster metabolic rate, which increases your overall energy levels, as well as, burn more calories. 

Please note, that ones metabolism does not directly control ones weight. It is a contributing factor. 

By increasing our metabolic rate, changing our diet, and using the extra energy to exercise, will result in effective and healthy weight loss. 

A higher metabolic rate will also aide one maintain one’s desired weight level. 

This file is best used with the ‘Digestive System’ file, as our digestive system controls the thermogenesis process. 

Listen to this file 2 – 3 times a day, in conjunction with lifestyle changes like daily exercise, eating healthier, drinking more water, and sleeping better and on time. 

I also recommend that you also make changes to how you consume your meals, including cutting down portions, and not drinking liquids with your meals. 

You may drink water 30 minutes prior to eating, or at least an hour or so after eating. 

This will ensure that your stomach acids aren’t diluted, allowing the digestive system to efficiently perform its task. 

It is best to listen to this file on an empty stomach, especially if you are intermittent fasting. This will help with burning fat. 

The Youtube version is mild, allowing you to listen to this file daily for many months. You should notice changes in your energy levels within days. 

Note. You need to make changes to your lifestyle and diet to get the best out of this file. If you make permanent changes, the effect of this file can be long lasting. 

For those that are pursuing serious weight loss goals, and are actively working to change their lifestyle, we have a more potent advanced formulation, which will rapidly raise your basal metabolic rate, as well as, aide in rapid fat burning. 

With the Advanced Version, you may request the body to burn specific calories, including those stored as fat cells, in specific areas of the body. This is best used during periods of fasting, or intermittent fasting. 

Simple speak words to the effect of “Dear energies, please utilise calories in the belly region of the body”. You may replace “belly region” with any other body part. 

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