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Spiritual Techniques

Om Shreem Vibration | Vibration of Wealth | 108x in 1 minute

The Vibration of the mantra ‘Om Shreem’, is the domain of a form of the Goddess of Wealth, Aishwarya Laxmi. 

This is a form of the divine feminine that is the source of wealth, as we know it. 

It does not matter what each religion calls this source of material wealth, just know that the source, and its vibration, is the same. 

When we vibrate this mantra, we’ve infusing the vibration of the field of energy into our own vibration, and that of our surrounds. This raises our vibration to the level of ‘flow’. 

‘Flow’ is when we’re in alignment with the Universe. 

Manifestation happens when we’re in alignment with the vibration of our desire. 

Many people who venture into the world of the ‘law of attraction’, miss a large component of the formula, which is, in matching the vibration of the desire. 

Visualising does help, so does repeating affirmations, which takes great effort and requires a lot of time to succeed. Sadly, most people give up before the fruits of their labour has the opportunity to present itself. 

This protocol, replicates the exact vibrational output of the Om Shreem Mantra, as vibrated by our in-house Vedic priest.

For those of you who have purchased our Wealth Program, there are two versions of the shreem vibration built into the program. One is the energy signature of the output, as vibrated by myself (Shiva), and the second is the verbal vibration 108 times. 

As stated above, this protocol matches the vibratory output of a master, so, so much more powerful than anything I can achieve. 

Our Youtube Version matches the vibratory output equivalent of 108x of the Om Shreem Mantra. When energy testing, I am getting an output equivalency slightly above 200x of the mantra. 

Our Advanced version matches the vibratory output equivalent of 1008x of the Om Shreem Mantra. When energy testing, I am getting output equivalency closer to the 10,000 chant mark, in just 1 minute. 

(Yes, I’ve energy tested this dozens of times, and yes, that is absolutely crazy. I’m not complaining though!). 

The reason why it seems to be so off the mark is because I have attempted to replicate this energy field, using our ‘waves of light’ technology. It’s the same technology used in the production of our 21 and 108 shields files. 

I find that the burden on the nervous system and the body is less using this technology. 

The best way to use this file is to first create some sort of a plan, via which wealth and abundance can flow into your life. 

Then, create secondary aides, such as carefully drafted affirmations or afformations, or specific visualisations of the lifestyle you wish to live, etc. A vision board can be used as well. 

I would go further to declutter your living spaces, then add symbols of what you want to manifest. 

For example, if you want to purchase a Porsche Macan, get a small framed picture, or a small model, of the exact model, colour, finishing, etc. 

You get the picture! (Pun intended)

When playing this one minute file, engage with the energies by firstly asking the energy to assimilate with your vibration, ask it to raise your vibration to the level of being in alignment with abundance, to open the pathways of the flow of wealth for security, wealth for abundance, and wealth to allow you to live the lifestyle you desire. 

Then, perform your visualisations or repeat your affirmations with feeling and conviction.

I also highly recommend taking deep, slow breaths, to soak up the vibration of the ‘Om Shreem’ energy field, into every cell of your being. 

It will help to drink plenty of water prior to performing this meditation. It will help with the up regulation of this energy into every part of your body. 

Since we are using the ‘waves of light’ technology, you’re free to listen and play the Youtube file a sensible number of times. Please still, do not loop these files. 

You may use headphones with this version. 

With the advanced version, the block of energy output is so much larger, however, you can use this file safely, 3 – 5 times, scattered throughout the day. It is best to play this file through speakers. 

I wish you all great abundance, and success with everything you seek to accomplish in life. 

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