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Healing Frequencies

Change Eye Colour to Blue (Iris)

It is the Iris, that is the coloured part of a person’s eyes, in particular the front layers.

Our genes determine the melanin content in the Iris of our eyes, which then determines the colour. 

The more melanin content in the Iris, the darker our eye colour is. 

So, in order to change the colour of our eyes from black or brown to blue, green or grey, we need to deplete the melanin content in the Iris of our eyes. 

Sounds simple enough? 

This formulation combines two protocols to lighten ones eye colour to a shade of blue that you desire. 

The first protocol targets the melanin content in the Iris. As you listen to this file, it will begin depleting the melanin in the Iris. 

Once you’ve achieved the colour you desire, play the file one more time, and ask the energies to stop melanin depletion, and to maintain the colour level you’ve achieved. 

The second protocol is that of the energy field of blue eyes. This field works with the DNA to ensure that the new eye colour becomes a natural part of your biology. 

The eyes, just like the liver are the most sensitive parts of our body, hence I am always careful with energy work associated with the eyes. 

The Youtube version has been deliberately built mild, so as to prevent abuse of this file. 

Please listen to this file twice in the mornings and twice in the afternoons, focusing on the blue eye in the video. 

If you download the free MP3, please either visualise yourself with the shade of blue you want in your eyes, or print out a picture of the ideal shade of blue eyes you desire. 

Gaze at the picture, visualise, or imagine, whilst this file is playing. You may speak to the energies and ask it to reduce the melanin in your Iris and change your eye colour to blue rapidly. 

This is necessary, if you desire faster results. 

For those that wish to work with something more powerful, we have an advanced version that slightly increases the energy content, but dramatically increases the power level and intelligence of the energy. 

We also use our subtle delivery system in the advanced version. 

Both files are best played through speakers. 

We have energy tested this file multiples of times, however, have not followed through with testing for physical changes, as no one in our team desires blue eyes.

Please think carefully before you make changes to your eye colour, as this may cause issues with security protocols, like automated facial recognition protocols used by immigration in your countries, etc. 

Please do not overuse either of these files, as excessive energy may tire the eyes. 

The Youtube version may require regular use to maintain the shade of colour you desire. 

The Advanced Version should be permanent, however, since we are not making permanent changes to your DNA, you may need to listen a couple of times a week or month, as maintenance doses. 

Speed of results will vary person to person.

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