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Spiritual Techniques

Release Negative Feelings & Emotions

This protocol focuses on the 11 major emotional centres of the body, which also function as storage houses for our unreleased emotions, as well as, negative unprocessed feelings. 

The below diagram, courtesy of ‘MindJournal’, outlines some of the emotions that can reside in various parts of the body. 

All of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences manifest both as chemical reactions in the physical body, as well as, energy that reside on different parts of the physical and energy bodies. 

Accumulation of these energies, over time, can do everything from limit our expressions in everyday life, to cause serious illness. 

The Youtube version helps to clear our physical bodies of all of these emotions and negative feelings. 

The advanced version comes with two files. The first file clears both the physical body on a deep cellular level, as well as, clear the lingering energies of these emotions sitting on our energy bodies. 

The second advanced file heals old wounds, both on the physical and all layers of our energy bodies. 

These files are best played through speakers, exposing the energy fields to the entire body. 

Our recommendation is to meditate with the file, imagining the energy absorbing into your body. 

If you are suffering from illnesses, or feel tension / heaviness in any part of the body, mentally, direct the energy into that part of the body. You can do this by imagining golden orbs flowing from the speakers to that part of the body. Imagine that area light up with golden light. If you can’t visualise, just imagine it as if you are day dreaming.

Energy clearing of this kind can cause detoxing of the physical body. Please increase your intake of fresh water during the days you’re using this file. 

Be mindful of the body, and if it does feel tired, rest as needed. 

Considering this is a major clearing protocol, try not to exceed 2 listens of the file per day. We need to give our bodies time to process the effects. 

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