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Spiritual Techniques

21 Shields v2.0 – Waves of Light

This is a bit of innovation in the way I normally create my protocols. 

Introducing version 2.0 of the 21 shields protocol. 

Instead of using fields of energy, this protocol utilises waves of light, which allows for the effect to be more subtle, without reducing power and effect. 

In addition, subtle waves of light allows us to do more in a shorter period of time. So, instead of  the 7 minutes it takes in version 1, we’re able to achieve 21 layers in just 2 minutes, with some improvements to boot.

Can it get better? 

Absolutely! Our advanced version will create 108 layers of wave light protection, in just over 2 minutes.

The Youtube version will clear your energy and space of all negative energy and entities, and simultaneously weave 21 layers of light, circulating clockwise in a wave like motion around you.

You only need to listen to this file once for a minimum of 12 hours of protection. The length of time will differ from person to person, however, best practice is to re-listen to this file every 12 hours or so, or before you go out to be around people. 

The advanced version takes innovation to a new level! And you thought this couldn’t get any better. 

The advanced version clears your space of negative energies and entities, whilst establishing 108 layers of subtle waves of light around you. 

It will cleanse not only your environment, and any energy thrust at you from other people, including their thoughts, their energies, and feelings, but will also protect you from more heavy duty energies and entities that exist in any space you walk into. 

The aim here is to exist in the same environment with others, without being triggered or derailed by their energies, and without triggering them off with your energies. 

The advanced version will also continually cleanse the thoughts and feelings you entertain that is negative in nature against yourself and others. This reduces your karmic burden, as well as maintains your vibration at a higher level. 

This version will also continue to protect you for a minimum period of 24 hrs. This time period will differ from person to person. 

The advanced version has one more gem built in. It utilises a technique that I have used for a couple of decades now, when I created shields for myself and others in person. 

This is the first time I’ve built this into an audio file. When playing this file, you can mentally or verbally instruct the energies to rejuvenate and re-establish the complete 108 layers of light, every time, anyone you’re around, mentions your name or nickname, for a full 24hr period. 

For example, when I listen to the advanced version of this file, I can mentally think something like:

“Dear energies, please refresh, rejuvenate, and re-create the full 108 layers of light shield, every time someone I am interacting with calls me Shiva or Shiv”. 

This way, whilst I’m lost in my own world, every time someone calls me Shiv or Shiva, the shield of protection refreshes  to ensure I am always protected using the full strength of the protocol, for the full 24hr period. 

Note. This will work even if you’re speaking to someone over the phone. 

Use the name or names that is used most often when people are interacting with you, including any nicknames. 

Best practice is to re-listen this file, at least once a day, around the same time. So, every 24hrs. 

During the testing phase, I could not see any difference between using headphones and using speakers. So, it’s your choice in using what is convenient for you. 

This is one of the files that is especially built to celebrate our channel reaching 1000 subscribers, and to thank you for your support, the advanced version will be available for sale, throughout March, 2021, for just $1. 

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