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Spiritual Techniques

Energy Signature of the Consciousness of Our Universe

Yes, you read that correctly, this is the energy signature of the ‘Consciousness’ of ‘Our’ Universe. It is the Universe we’re presently in. Ours is just one in a multiverse existence. 

This is the vibration that is one conscious state of Source. 

So, when awareness separated from itself to establish duality, it established consciousness, and from that consciousness came the entire material manifestation. 

When you stand in front of a mirror, the reflection is consciousness, and that which is being reflected, is awanresas. 

When we begin to realise that the reflection is an illusionary creation, our true spiritual journey begins. 

When we discover the difference between awareness and consciousness, we’re firmly on our path to self realisation. 

The moment that we realise and fully comprehend our true identity as being Source itself, and that there is no difference between our human self, and the entire manifested Universe, we’ve reached our destination. 

At this point, you are the Universe, looking back at itself – Source. 

This protocol, will allow you to commune with the consciousness of the Universe itself. And eventually, in deep meditation, you may find yourself looking back at Source – looking at itself. 

I have deliberately increased the length of this protocol to 10 minutes, to allow you enough time to meditate with this beautiful vibration. 

As you listen, every cell of your body will begin to vibrate at the higher frequency of Universal Consciousness. 

The best way to contemplate what this consciousness is, is to consider what all of the monks, Yogis, and the enlightened beings like Christ and Buddha meditated upon. 

This consciousness is the ultimate goal in a material form. 

I’m going to stop explaining right here, for this is something that is better experienced, for the human mind cannot comprehend the reality of what the Universe is. 

Whilst meditating to this file, you may contemplate on your purpose, and pretty much ask the universe anything you like, then pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. There is a chance the Universe will respond. 

For more advanced spiritualists, you may even be able to have an internal conversation with the universe. I look forward to reading about your experiences.

Both the Youtube and Advanced versions are highly potent, so please only listen to this file once at a time, through speakers. 

If you are more advanced on your spiritual path, the advanced version is available for purchase in our site store. It will allow you to establish a much deeper connection to the consciousness of the Universe. 

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