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Spiritual Techniques

Boost Business Sales – Business Series

It does not matter how well your business is planned or how well the plan is executed, if a business cannot generate sales, it cannot survive. 

This formulation aims to solve this problem for business owners, by energising the business sales process. 

This file utilises multiple protocols to establish an energy field, that is the closest match to the energy field of the finalised sales process for that individual business. 

Note. By the sales process end result, I mean the end of the transaction phase, where the payment has been received by the business.

Why am I establishing a close match, and not using the actual energy field of the sales process end result? 

When analysing the energy fields of many types of businesses, I discovered that the energy fields of each process, in each business is different, including the sales process.

Why is this? In my opinion, it is because the business vibration itself has many contributing factors. 

When we establish something that is intangible, like a business, not only are we creating a separate legal entity, we’re also establishing a separate vibrational entity, the stakeholders of which, contribute to the unique vibrational signature of the business. 

This vibration, then determines its successes, it’s failures, the types of people it attracts (in both employees and customers), and even governs over the various phases of the business cycle. 

I have studied now, for the better part of the last decade, both Western and Eastern astrology, and with keen interest, the particular study of astrology related to business and investments. 

From my experience, I cannot deny, that, just like human beings, intangible entities like businesses, are too subject to astrological influence, based entirely on the placement of planets in the natal charts established at the exact moment the business was incorporated. 

For sole traders, astrological influences align with the that of the individual business person. 

And so, this unique dilemma, set me off on a path to seek out a unique solution for business owners of all types of businesses. 

The end result? A concoction of multiple protocols that combine to establish an energy field, that not only closely matches with the sales process of your business, but will also, eventually,  mould to become the energy field that is ideal for your business. 

Sometimes I scare myself in what things are possible when working with energy. 

This formulation, will also tremendously magnetise the vibration of your business, to attract the ideal types of customers, enhance the vibration of your offering, and subtly encourage the potential customer to flow through your sales funnel, resulting in a completed transaction. 

This will only work if the potential customer has a need or want for your specific offering. So, no one is going to unnecessarily part with their hard earned funds. 

This formulation targets the motivator and decision makers, not specifically the end user. The reason for this is that we need to attract the one who will be the counterpart in the financial transaction. The motivator will instigate the decision maker in actioning a transaction. 

If you are a business owner, here are the recommended instructions of use. 

  1. Know what your product or service offering is. 
  2. Determine if your product or service is a solution to a problem (a need) , a want, or a luxury item. 
  3. Determine if your marketing material articulates your offering, clearly defining the solution it provides. 
  4. Profile your ideal client, clearly defining who you’re targeting, and who is the decision maker, if they are different people. 
  5. Determine what your capacity is, in handling growing sales. 

Then, play this file 3 – 5 times throughout the day (Youtube Version), and 2 – 3 times maximum for the advanced version. 

Please ensure that the advanced version is spread throughout the day, as the energy output in that file is at about 2000% of the Youtube version. 

This version has been deliberately built to be heavy duty, to cover businesses that fit into the definition of an SME (Small to medium enterprise), plus, we’re including online businesses, whose customers span the globe.  

The advanced file is not one you want to listen to using headphones, as the body of energy in it is massive. Play it through speakers, at a volume that is not overwhelming. 

You do not have to be close to the speakers as it is playing. 

All of my files are intuitive, so it is always a good idea to communicate your desires to the energies, as the file is playing. 

It would help if, during one of the sessions, you close your eyes and visualise a golden light emanating from you (for a sole trader), or from your place of business, that spreads outwardly, covering the entire globe. This can be performed in about a minute. 

Imagine if you cannot visualise. 

This spreads out the magnetic field of energy, throughout the world, establishing a pathway for your ideal customers to find you, like following the light. 

If your business is localised, you can visualise golden light emanating from you or your place of business, and lighting up just the local area, city or State where your business operates. 

Initially, the business series was planned to be 5 files in total, however, the difficulties and mixed results during the testing phase, has forced me to scrap three of the files, and create an advanced version bundle with the 3 remaining files. 

So, if you purchase the advanced version, you will receive the following three files:

  1. The advanced version of the ‘Boost Business Sales’ file, at 2000% increase. 
  2. An advanced version of the ‘Business Wealth Accumulation’ file. 
  3. An advanced version of the ‘Success in Business’ file. 

The first file you already know about. 

The ‘Business Wealth Accumulation’ file targets one, very specific, and extremely important aspect of a business’s purpose – the accumulation of wealth. Play this file when you’re working ‘ON’ the business, as opposed to ‘In’ the business. 

Just as we have wealth generation files for individuals, this file is wealth generation for a business. The effect is cumulative, so try and play the advanced version once or twice throughout the day. 

The third file – ‘Business Success’, is the help we seek from the divine. It is where we’re saying to divinity, that this is our means of generating resources to pay for our lives, and so we seek your blessings and guidance in removing obstacles, including planetary influences, as well as clearing the energies of the business. 

The divine here refers to Source and the Universe. 

In my opinion, this is the most important of the three, for this file seeks to affect that which is out of our control, namely, the planetary effects and unseen or unknown obstacles. 

Play this file, the first thing before you start your business day, at times when you’re planning or contemplating business ideas, and when you’re seeking solutions to business related problems. 

Once again, communicate with the energies of the files, and ask their specific intervention in your businesses. 

Energy comes alive when we give it attention. Always remember this! 

For those that wish to purchase only the ‘Business Sales’ file, you may do so from here

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