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Spiritual Techniques

Heal Energy Body

So much has changed in this world, in the last few decades. 

Cheaper air travel has made it easier for the masses to travel the globe.

Technological innovations have made it easier to interact with more and more people. 

Social media has made it easier for us to ensure constant connections with thousands, or even millions of people, daily. 

This last one, can maintain open energetic connections that are continuous, which is extremely dangerous to our well being. 

In short, every person we cross paths with, has a detrimental impact on our energy bodies. This includes people we would walk past at a shopping centre, to the people we commute with on public transportation, to the people we engage with on social media. They all impact on our energy bodies, directly or indirectly. 

If you post on social media, even if its a comment on Facebook or Youtube, you open doorways to energetic interaction. The people who scroll over your pictures, comments, etc, now, or 10 years from now, all energetically interact with you, and you with them. 

Consciousness is not involved here, nor required. Energy bodies interact, regardless. 

If the interactions you’re having aren’t pleasant, for example, if you run in to rudeness, selfishness, arrogance, hate, etc, the damage to your energy bodies are more significant. 

If the interactions are pleasant, higher vibrational beings will still feel drained, as the lower vibrational beings will draw their energy. This too, damages the energy body. 

Right now, we interact with more people in a day, than what our grandparents must have done in an entire lifetime. 

Through these interactions, we also experience more trauma in a day, than what we would have in a year, a few decades ago. 

Left unattended, damaged energy bodies, can result in damaged lives. It can lead to physical and mental illness. 

Weakened energy bodies can severely weaken our spiritual defences as well. Weakened defences can lead to portals and open doorways for energetic and entity attacks. 

This energy protocol works with your intelligence and spiritual blueprint to heal all of your energy bodies. 

We highly recommend making a habit to use this protocol, along with the chakra protocols, regularly, to ensure your energy system is healthy and functioning efficiently.

We recommend meditating with these files 2 – 3 times weekly, and especially, at least once prior to, and after, attending a large function. 

It would also be wise to follow this up with the 21 or 108 shields protocol. 

Our advanced protocol heals, as well as, re-builds, stronger energy bodies, by weaving divine energy into each of your subtle bodies. The benefit here is much stronger energy bodies, and less damage through our interactions with others. 

Please ensure you increase your water consumption with energy fields. 

I understand that some of you are utilising headphones, however, this is a field that should be exposed to your entire body. Please use speakers. 

Stay blessed!

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