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Healing Frequencies

Pineal Master Gland: Spiritual Detox, Purification and L1, L2, L3 Activation of the Third Eye

The Pineal Gland, one of the seven master glands in the human body, and considered the ‘spiritual seat of the soul’ or the ‘eye of God’, is more than just the producer of melatotin in the body. 

It is the doorway into higher realms, spiritual experinces and the pathway to the discovery of your true self, and a key player in activating supernatural abilities in humans. 

The Pineal Gland, is a pea sized structure, located in the center of the cranium, sitting a little higher up behind the pituitary gland, which plays a pivotal role in the various stages of spiritual practice and evolution 

The spiritual journey, for everyone, starts when the third eye begins to awaken.

It is believed that the spiritual power or functions of the Pineal Gland is activated by light or frequency, and is extremely sensitive to energy. 

It also operates as an antenna, helping to capture and decode energies, frequencies and light, from other realms and dimensions.

So, the Pineal Gland is effectively our primary line of communication with the high planes.

For those seeking to lucid dream, astral or soul travel, activating the Pineal Gland is essential. 

Beyond its spiritual function, scientific study reveal that the Pineal Gland has dominion over various biorhythmic functions of the human body, and works inconjuction with the hypothalamus gland to control the bodies aging process, and regulate our hunger, thirst and sexual desires. 

When we’re relaxing, day dreaming or actively engaged in visualising through the minds eye, our Pineal Gland begins to release melatonin. 

When the Pineal Gland is active, a build up of pressure is felt in, what feels like to be the center of the brain, in-line with the point at the center of the forehead, just above the brow line. 

You may feel this pressure listening to this particular file, or even any of the spiritually inclinded files available for download on this site. 

Ways to Activate the Pineal Gland (Third Eye)

Engage in Visualisation Exercises

One way to activate the Pineal Gland is through active visualisation exercises. 

Take some time to sit alone, in a quiet room, away from distractions. Take a few deep breaths to slow down the mind. 

Now, select any object, and with your eyes closed, attempt to visualise the object in your minds eye, in as much detail as possible. Do this for a few minutes at a time. 

I would recommend selecting one aspect of the object at a time and focus upon that. 

For example, If I was to select a round soccer ball, I might focus entirely on it’s curviture, or just on it’s colour. 

Doing so creates a magnetic field around the Pineal Gland, which then begins the process of activation. 

Candle Meditation Technique

Another simple method is what’s called the ‘Candle Meditation technique’.

You’ll need a candle and a quiet place. 

Light the candle, and whilst sitting about a foot away, casually gaze into the center part of the flame. Do not apply any pressure on your eyes. 

Do this for about a minute or so at a stretch. When you become more comfortable with this technique, increase the gazing time to 3 minutes. 

Then, close your eyes and focus your attention at the point at the center of your forehead, above the brow line. 

Black Square Meditation

The third simple, yet extremely powerful technique, called the ‘Black Square Meditation’, requires a black square, cut out of a black cardboard or black paper. 

Size should be about 5 inches x 5 inches. You can vary the size as you desire. 

Using sticky tape or blue tac, stick this square on a light coloured wall, at eye level. 

Standing about a foot away, you will casually gaze into the square, much like the candle flame above. 

Let your eyes blur in and out. 

At some point, you will begin to feel pressure build up at the center of your forehead. This is magnetic field activating. 

Perform this meditation technique for about 3 minutes. 

Then, close your eyes and meditate for as long as you can. 

Advance Energy Field Technology

The most simple, and also most advanced technique, is through the use of our energy field, available for free download below. 

This energy field will detox, purify, and conduct a 3 level activation of your pineal gland. 

Level 1 is on the physical DNA level. 

Levels 2 and 3 happen on your subtle energy bodies. 

You do not need to use this file daily. Listening to it once daily for a total of 3 days should be enough to complete the detox, purification and activation processes. 

You may begin to feel a pressure build up in the center of your brain, almost immediately. 

After listening, you may utilise any of the meditation techniques listed above to further develop your third eye abilities. 

Headphones are not required.

As always, drink some water after listening to the file. 

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