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Spiritual Techniques

Remove Parasites, Implants and Attachments

Have you ever thrown a stone into a still body of water, like a lake? 

Notice how the stone creates a water ripple effect, as it enters the water, causing circles to form outwardly, with each circle bigger than the previous one. 

Our own existence isn’t too dissimilar to the water ripple effect. 

At the core of our existence is the Soul, connected inwardly to Source itself. Outwardly, our form ripples creating seven forms of subtle bodies, each broken down into many more sub layers. 

Each of these subtle bodies, and their sub layers, are larger than the previous one. 

On one of my Soul journeys, I counted up to 54 layers of my own etheric body. 

When we perform clearings of parasites, implants and attachments, including thought forms, we need to consider the many additional layers of our subtle bodies, not to mention the many subtle layers of our own physical body and individual organs. 

This protocol is designed to detach and remove energy parasites, implants and all attachments from the many layers of our physical body, including organs, and aura. The Youtube version will also perform a clearing of the first few layers of our etheric body. 

The advanced version will detach and remove all energy parasites, implants and attachments from all of the layers of our physical body, and all subtle bodies, including all of their sub layers. 

The advanced version comes with two files:

  1. The first file performs the clearing. It is recommended to use this file 1 – 3 times a day, for at least 3 days every month, or at least once a week. This will ensure all of your bodies are clear of all energetic impurities. 
  2. The second file will rebuild all subtle bodies, ensuring that all damage done to our subtle bodies as a result of these impurities or attacks, are healed. Use this file daily until you feel centred and complete within your vibration. Meditating with it, once a day is enough. 

For many, these energetic impurities, or damage done to the subtle bodies by these impurities, can be the root cause of problems like diseases, mental disorders, changes in personality, influence habits, change behavioural patterns, etc. 

Some of you may feel mild depression, a void, or even feeling as if something has died as a result of using the clearing files. This will depend on how long the parasite, implant or attachment has been a part of your vibration. These were influencing whom you were, without you even knowing. 

There maybe some mild detox symptoms as a result of this clearing. Please make sure you increase your water intake, and allow the body to rest, as needed. 

If you have emotions surface, feel anger, or have bad dreams, please be aware that this is part of the purging process. That, which is being cleared, will naturally try to stop the process. 

You may continue listening to the file for as many days as you feel is needed.

As always, we recommend using speakers, and engaging with the energy. Please do not use any files passively. 

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