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Spiritual Techniques

Attract Life Long Friendships

As we become more aware, we realise that our true wealth isn’t in the material assets we own or control, but in the presence of like minded / like vibrational people in our lives. 

It’s these life long, loving friendships that enrich our lives. 

Here is a few questions I want you to ponder…

Right now, how many people do you have in your lives, whom you completely trust with your lives, thoughts, and feelings? 

How many people can you open your heart up to, knowing that this person has got your back? 

How many people do you have in your life, that you can share everything with, knowing that they will not misunderstand you? 

Sadly, the vast majority of people tend to respond with a ‘no one’. They have friends and family, but no one they can fully open up to. 

The reason for this is our vibration. We manifest by merging the energy of what we desire, into our vibration. 

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people in our lives, tend not to match our vibration. Their presence, is purely karmic. 

This leaves us in a state of growing inner loneliness. 

For those more spiritually inclined, this is especially true. The more advanced you are in your journey, the more outer loneliness you will experience. 

Yes, this comes hand in hand with our spiritual journeys, as the purpose is always to find solace in our inner existence. 

However, the human journey does require the existence of trustworthy people in our lives. 

This protocol is designed to attract loving, caring, life long friendships into your life. Friendships which establish an environment allowing you to express the true self. 

We’re utilising multiple energy fields for friendships, trust, loyalty, matching vibrations, etc. 

When we connect with people that vibrate at our levels, we tend to establish a kindred spirit connection, where the person has the capability of understanding you on multiple levels of existence. 

Before you use the protocol, I’d suggest you to spend some time contemplating the types of friendships you seek, as in, the qualities you desire most. 

Then, when you utilise the protocol, I want you to think about being surrounded by amazing people, who love and adore you. 

Play this file 1 – 3 times a day, engaging with the energy through affirmations, visualisation, meditation, etc. 

When we engage with the energy, the effect is multi-fold. 

Play the file through speakers. 

Our advanced version increases the intensity of the energy, and intelligence by just over 700%. In addition, we have added two additional energy fields that act like a beacon to draw more people towards you, as well as, a clearing, removing energetic blockages towards friendships. 

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