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Spiritual Techniques

Desired Job & Promotion Protocol

This is an energy protocol designed to dramatically increase ones chances of not only being hired, but being hired for their desired Job. 

And, for those of you that are already gainfully employed, this file can be used to increase your chances of being headhunted, or being promoted. 

Listen to this file a few times a day, especially when thinking about the job you desire, applying for positions, or considering your prospects. 

All of my productions are conscious and intuitive. This means that the effectiveness of these files increase tremendously, if you consciously engage with them. 

You can do this by strategically approaching your hunt for an ideal job. 

You can do this by knowing exactly what you want, and why you want it. 

Write down everything you can about your desired position, research industries, companies and positions. 

Try and comprehend how the position fits in with your life and career goals. 

When applying for positions, follow the three R’s – research, research, research. 

Find out what the position is, what the job entails, everything about the company, the person you’ll be working for, and the person who will be interviewing you. 

You can easily do this by researching online, or calling up the company. 

You can go further by visualising receiving a positive response to your application, to being called in for an interview, to the actual interview itself, and receiving confirmation of being hired. 

You can do all of the above, whilst listening to this file. 

Further, when playing this file, sit down, close your eyes, and visualise a golden light emerging from your body, and spreading out in all directions, all over the globe. 

This will send out the bat signal, so to speak, and let the rest of the world know you’re looking for a job. 

Then, open your eyes and go about your day. 

You may listen to this file with or without headphones. 

It is a good idea to listen to this file in conjunction with ‘When Nothing Else Works’, and the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’, to clear any blocked pathways.

An advanced version is available in the site store if you require something a little stronger. 

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